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Community Guidelines

Hello, and welcome to the Boo community. We expect our users to be polite, honest, and courteous to others. Our goal is for our users to be able to express themselves freely as long as it does not cause offense. This obligation applies equally to everyone in our community.

The following are the community standards that we have in place. If you break any of these rules, we may ban you permanently. We encourage everyone to report any violations you may encounter on the app and read up on our Safety Tips.

Boo is not for:

Nudity/Sexual Content

The following is a vital guideline that is simple to follow. There should be no nudity, sexually explicit material, or chronicling of all of your sexual wants in your bio. Keep it clean.


We take this problem seriously. Please do not harass or encourage others to do so in any manner. This includes, but is not limited to, sending unwelcome sexual content, stalking, threats, bullying, and intimidation.

Violence and Physical Harm

Boo does not allow for violent or disturbing material, including threats or calls to violence and aggression. The rules are very strict about physical assaults, coercion, and any other act of violence.

Material that promotes, glorifies, or suggests suicide and self-injury is also prohibited. In these situations, we may take action to aid the user, including providing assistance via crisis resources if necessary.

Hate Speech

It is strictly prohibited to publish content that is malicious against persons or groups based on characteristics such as, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, disability, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Private Information

Don't put personal or other people's information on the internet. SSNs, passports, passwords, financial information, and unlisted contact information are just a few examples of this type of data.


We don't recommend using our system to direct users to the internet via links on Boo.

Promotion or Solicitation

Boo does not tolerate solicitation. If your profile is used to promote a specific event or company, non-profit, political campaign, contest, or research, we have the right to terminate your account. Please don't use Boo to promote yourself or your events.

Prostitution and Trafficking

It is a serious violation of the community to promote or advocate for commercial sexual services, human trafficking, or any other non-consensual sexual acts. It may result in an indefinite permanent ban from Boo.


Boo has a zero-tolerance attitude towards any form of predatory behavior. Anyone who tries to get users' confidential information in order to defraud or engage in other unlawful behavior will be banned. Any user who shares their own financial account details (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) for the purpose of gaining money from others will be banned from Boo.


Do not falsify your identity or pretend to be someone else. This includes parody, fan, and celebrity accounts.


Boo is not for politics or divisive political issues. Boo is also not a platform for voicing criticism of political parties, governments, or world leaders. Boo is for making friends, not enemies.


To use Boo, you must be at least 18 years old. We prohibit images of single children. Make sure to appear in the picture if you're posting photos of your own kids. Please immediately report any profile that includes an unaccompanied minor, suggests harm towards a minor, or features a child in a sexual or suggestive way.

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

If your Boo profile includes any copyrighted or trademarked material that is not yours, don't show it unless you have the appropriate rights.

Illegal Usage

Don't use Boo for unlawful actions. If you were to get arrested for it, it is against the law on Boo.

One Account Per Person

Don't share your account with anybody else, and please avoid having numerous Boo accounts.

Third Party Apps

It is strictly prohibited to utilize any apps created by anyone other than Boo that claim to provide our service or unlock special Boo features (like auto-swipers).

Account Dormancy

If you do not log into your Boo account in 2 years, we may delete it as inactive.


On Boo:

Tap the “Report” button from your match list, user profile, and message screen to send us a short, confidential remark.

Off Boo:

If necessary, contact local law enforcement, then please email us at


If you misuse the Service or act in a way that Boo believes to be unethical, illegal, or against the Terms of Use, including actions or communications that take place outside of the Service but involve users you meet through it, Boo has the right to investigate and/or terminate your account without a refund of any purchases.