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Frau Personality Type

Frau is an ISFJ and Enneagram Type 7w6.



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"I am neither human nor a Kor, but a being of my own."


Frau Character Analysis

Frau is a main character in the Japanese manga and anime series, 07-Ghost. The story is set in a fictional world called the Barsburg Empire, which is threatened by a powerful and mysterious enemy. In this world, Frau is known as "Zehel," one of the seven Ghosts, who are powerful beings with incredible abilities. Frau is a unique character in 07-Ghost because of his easy-going and carefree personality, which contrasts with the dark and serious tone of the series. Despite his laid-back attitude, Frau is always ready to fight for his friends and the Barsburg Empire. He is also known as the "Bishop of the Seven Ghosts," which means that he is responsible for protecting the Ghosts and using their powers to aid in the fight against the enemy. Frau has a distinctive appearance, with his long silver hair that he keeps tied back in a braid, and his red eyes. He wears a black robe with the symbol of the Ghosts on the back, and he carries a large scythe, which he uses to channel his powers. Moreover, Frau's unique personality and appearance have helped him to become one of the most popular characters in the series, beloved by fans worldwide. In conclusion, Frau is a key character in the 07-Ghost series, known for his iconic appearance, unique abilities, and carefree personality. His role as the "Bishop of the Seven Ghosts" is crucial to the story, and his friendship with the other characters is the heart of the series. Whether he's fighting against the enemy or just being himself, Frau remains a fan-favorite, and one of the most memorable characters in anime and manga history.

What 16 personality type is Frau?

Based on the behavior and actions of Frau from 07-Ghost, he could potentially be classified as an INTP personality type. His intelligence and analytical skills are evident through his ability to quickly solve complex problems and his strong interest in technology and science. His wit and charm show his proficiency with words and his ability to adapt to various social situations. However, he also demonstrates introverted tendencies, preferring to keep to himself and avoiding excessive social interactions. Despite his sometimes cold demeanor, he is shown to have a strong sense of loyalty to those he cares about, as seen with his protectiveness of Teito. Overall, Frau's INTP personality type manifests in his logical and intellectual approach to situations, his ability to navigate complex systems and technologies, and his independent nature. While these personality types are not definitive or absolute, these traits provide insight into his behavior and actions throughout the series.

Which Enneagram Type is Frau?

Based on the Enneagram framework, Frau from 07-Ghost appears to embody the Type Seven. Sevens are known for their enthusiastic and adventurous personas, often seeking new experiences and finding joy in the moment. Frau's free-spirited and carefree demeanor point towards this type, as he seems to approach life with a sense of optimism and positivity. These traits can also be seen in his love for travel, as well as his tendency to pursue pleasure and hedonism. However, Frau also exhibits characteristics of a less healthy Type Seven, particularly his avoidance of negative emotions and his tendency to distract himself with superficial pleasures. He often uses humor and wit to deflect from serious situations, indicating an unwillingness to confront difficult emotions or problems. This coping mechanism can be seen in his tendency to joke about his traumatic past, indicating a potential fear of vulnerability. Overall, while Frau embodies a largely positive and upbeat personality, his avoidance of serious issues and potential avoidance of negative emotions point towards possible struggles with personal growth and self-awareness. In conclusion, as with any Enneagram typing, it is not a definitive or absolute label. Still, observing patterns and traits associated with different types can offer insight into the personality and behavior of fictional characters like Frau.

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What is Frau's personality type?

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