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Lady Hausen Personality Type

Lady Hausen is an ENTP and Enneagram Type 1w2.

Lady Hausen

Lady Hausen

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"I'll never let anyone get in my way, no matter who they are!"

Lady Hausen

Lady Hausen Character Analysis

Lady Hausen is a minor character from the popular anime and manga series, 07-Ghost. Despite her limited screen time, Lady Hausen plays an important role in the plot, serving as a loyal and devoted supporter of the Raggs Kingdom. Lady Hausen serves as an attendant to Princess Ouka, the sole survivor of the Raggs Kingdom, which was destroyed by the Barsburg Empire. She is highly respected for her unwavering allegiance, and her keen insight into the political machinations of the world around her. Lady Hausen's loyalty to the Raggs Kingdom is further demonstrated in her willingness to assist Teito Klein, the series' protagonist, in his quest to regain his memories and uncover the truth about his past. Though she is often in a supporting role, Lady Hausen's quiet strength and dedication make her a beloved character among fans of the series.

What 16 personality type is Lady Hausen?

Based on her behavior, Lady Hausen from 07-Ghost appears to be an ISTJ personality type. This manifests in her being very detail-oriented, practical, logical, and responsible. She values tradition and adheres to rules and regulations. She is also highly organized and efficient in her thinking and actions. Lady Hausen's ISTJ personality type can be seen in her planning and organizing skills. She is a responsible individual who has excellent memory recall, which makes it easier for her to remember and stay true to the rules and regulations in her environment. Lady Hausen is quick to identify potential problems and she takes the necessary steps to prevent them from occurring. She is also a reliable person who can be counted on when her community needs her. Lastly, Lady Hausen possesses a strong sense of duty and loyalty, which is evident in her actions. She takes her role seriously and is committed to fulfilling her responsibilities. Her ISTJ personality type is a driving force in her life, and it is this strong sense of duty that sets her apart from others. In conclusion, Lady Hausen's ISTJ personality type is a significant factor in her life. It is this personality type that allows her to be efficient, responsible, reliable, and committed.

Which Enneagram Type is Lady Hausen?

Lady Hausen is an Enneagram One personality type with a Two wing or 1w2. Enneagram 1w2s tend to be extroverted and outgoing partnered with a warm nature. They are empathetic and understanding and may feel inclined to help people around them. Being innately excellent problem-solvers, they may become a bit too critical and controlling to deal with situations their way.

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What is Lady Hausen's personality type?

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