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Shuuma Kagawa "Lucky Thoroughbred" Personality Type

Shuuma Kagawa "Lucky Thoroughbred" is an INFP and Enneagram Type 7w6.

Shuuma Kagawa "Lucky Thoroughbred"

Shuuma Kagawa "Lucky Thoroughbred"

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Shuuma Kagawa "Lucky Thoroughbred"

Shuuma Kagawa "Lucky Thoroughbred" Character Analysis

Shuuma Kagawa, also known as "Lucky Thoroughbred," is a character from the anime series Melody of Oblivion (Boukyaku no Senritsu). He is a skilled and highly regarded musician who plays the guitar and is part of a group called the "Lost Angels." Shuuma is one of the main characters in the series and plays a pivotal role in the development of the story. Born with natural musical talent, Shuuma began playing the guitar at a young age and quickly gained recognition for his abilities. He is known for his distinctive playing style, which is described as both powerful and emotional. Despite his success as a musician, Shuuma is haunted by past traumas and struggles to find his place in the world. He is a complex character who is driven by a desire to create beautiful music and find peace within himself. Melody of Oblivion is a science-fiction anime series that takes place in a world where music is used as a weapon. Shuuma and the Lost Angels, along with the other characters in the series, must fight against an evil organization that seeks to control the power of music for their own ends. Throughout the series, Shuuma is forced to confront his inner demons and learn the true meaning of music and its power. In conclusion, Shuuma Kagawa, also known as "Lucky Thoroughbred," is a vital character in the anime series Melody of Oblivion. He is a talented musician with a troubled past who plays a pivotal role in the story. The series explores themes of music, power, and personal growth, and Shuuma is a key player in the development of these themes. Overall, Shuuma is a complex and memorable character who adds depth and richness to the world of Melody of Oblivion.

What 16 personality type is Shuuma Kagawa "Lucky Thoroughbred"?

Shuuma Kagawa "Lucky Thoroughbred" from Melody of Oblivion appears to embody the ENTP personality type. He is quick-witted, creative, and highly unconventional in his thinking, always making connections that others might miss. He enjoys a good debate and loves to argue his points passionately, often playing devil's advocate simply for the sake of exploring all sides of an issue. Shuuma is also highly individualistic and can come across as impulsive or even reckless, always seeking new experiences and challenges. He is a natural problem-solver but can sometimes overlook practical details in his enthusiasm for the big picture. Overall, Shuuma's ENTP type manifests in his confidence, resourcefulness, and relentless curiosity, making him a compelling and entertaining character to watch. Conclusively, based on the analysis, Shuuma Kagawa displays typical characteristics of the ENTP personality type, demonstrating his strong proclivity for creativity, unconventional thinking, and love for challenges.

Which Enneagram Type is Shuuma Kagawa "Lucky Thoroughbred"?

Based on his personality traits, Shuuma Kagawa from Melody of Oblivion (Boukyaku no Senritsu) can be classified as a Type Seven on the Enneagram. He is enthusiastic, optimistic, spontaneous, and seeks new experiences. Shuuma desires to be happy and avoid pain, which leads him to always be on the lookout for excitement and adventure. He is outgoing and charming, making it easy for him to connect with new people and bring them into his world of fun and relaxation. However, his Seven tendencies also manifest in his avoidance of negative emotions and problems. Shuuma has a tendency to distract himself from his issues by indulging in pleasure-seeking activities, such as eating sweets or playing music. Additionally, he can become scattered or impulsive, lacking focus and follow-through on his goals. In conclusion, Shuuma Kagawa's Type Seven personality traits play a large role in his character development throughout Melody of Oblivion. While his carefree attitude can be endearing, his reluctance to deal with problems and tendency to avoid negative emotions can hinder his personal growth.



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What is Shuuma Kagawa "Lucky Thoroughbred"'s personality type?

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