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Rem Personality Type

Rem is an ESFP and Enneagram Type 9w1.

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"I don't want to kill anything anymore."


Rem Character Analysis

Rem is a pivotal character in the anime series titled "The Yearling (Kojika Monogatari)," which is also known by the title "Fawnskin Monogatari." Her character has been hailed as an adored favorite by many anime fans, with her character developed as a kind and caring person who has gone through a lot of emotional trauma. She has an insatiable spirit that keeps her moving forward, even in the darkest of circumstances. Throughout the series, Rem is portrayed as a young girl who has lived through an abundance of hardships in the forest that she calls home. She is a determined and brave girl who has faced numerous trials, including the death of her parents at the hands of hunters. Despite all the challenges she has faced, Rem continues to do her best to move forward and make the most of her life. What makes Rem such an endearing character is her resilience, and her unwavering faith in the goodness of others. She has a great deal of compassion and empathy, which she uses to help others who are going through challenging times. Additionally, her optimism and kindness provide hope and comfort to those around her, as well as the viewers. In summary, Rem is a beloved character in the anime series "The Yearling (Kojika Monogatari)," and has been characterized as a resilient, determined, and compassionate young girl. Her optimistic nature and kind heart are a source of inspiration to many of the show's viewers. Her journey through the forest of her home and the struggles she faces have created a strong emotional connection with fans, making her a popular character in the anime world.

What 16 personality type is Rem?

Based on Rem's personality traits and behaviors in The Yearling (Kojika Monogatari), he could likely be an ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging) personality type. Rem is a quiet and reserved individual who is highly detail-oriented and practical in his approach to life. He often takes on tasks and responsibilities with a sense of duty and is willing to work hard to achieve his goals. He can be quite independent and self-sufficient, preferring to work alone rather than collaborate with others. Rem is also highly organized and responsible, taking care to plan and prepare for the future. Additionally, Rem's strong sense of duty and loyalty to his family and community are common traits of ISTJs. He is respectful of authority and follows rules and customs diligently. However, he can also be rigid in his thinking and may struggle to adapt to new situations or ideas that are outside of his comfort zone. Overall, Rem's ISTJ personality traits are evident in his orderly and dependable nature, as well as his dedication to his duties and responsibilities. While these traits may also present some challenges, they are also important strengths that make Rem a valuable member of society. In conclusion, while these types are not definitive or absolute, based on the analysis of Rem's personality traits and behaviors in The Yearling (Kojika Monogatari), it is possible that he could be an ISTJ personality type.

Which Enneagram Type is Rem?

Rem from The Yearling displays traits that are consistent with the Enneagram Type 9, also known as "The Peacemaker." Rem is kind, gentle, and non-confrontational, prioritizing the peace and harmony in his interactions with others. He is often compliant and avoids conflict, going along with the wishes of those around him. This can sometimes lead to him becoming too passive or disengaged from his own desires and needs. Rem's desire for peace is evident in his relationship with his wife and daughter, as he places their needs above his own. He wants to maintain a warm and loving family environment, and works to ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable. Rem's tendency towards peacemaking is not strictly limited to his personal relationships, as he also tries to find common ground between the humans and the animal tribes in the story. However, Rem's desire for peace and aversion to conflict can also lead to him avoiding difficult truths or situations. He struggles to assert himself and can become indecisive when presented with important decisions. This can manifest in him becoming overly passive or going along with the wishes of others, even when it isn't what he truly wants. Overall, Rem displays traits that suggest he is likely an Enneagram Type 9. His desire for peace and harmony, coupled with his tendency to avoid conflict and become passive in decision-making, are consistent with this personality type.



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What is Rem's personality type?

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