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Three Personality Type

Three is an ENFJ and Enneagram Type 3w2.



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"I am not driven by common sense."


Three Character Analysis

Three is one of the main protagonists in the anime series Hamatora. He is a calm and composed individual who has the ability to manipulate gravity. With his unique power, he can control the gravity of objects around him, including people. He often uses this ability to create a powerful and devastating attack against his enemies or to fly. Three is an assassin in Hamatora, a detective agency that specializes in solving cases involving supernatural abilities, known as Minimums. Alongside his partner Nice, he accomplishes difficult missions for clients that are usually shrouded in mystery. Despite his job description, Three has a strict moral code and only accepts assignments that coincides with his personal beliefs. Three is known for his stoic and serious demeanor, which often leads him to come off as cold and detached, even to his comrades. However, as the series progresses, it becomes evident that he is deeply affected by his past and has a strong sense of loyalty towards his friends. Through his character development, Three is shown to be a multifaceted person with a traumatic history that has shaped who he has become. In summary, Three is a powerful character in the anime series Hamatora, possessing the ability to manipulate gravity, and serves as an assassin for the Hamatora detective agency. Despite his cold and serious demeanor, Three has a strong sense of righteousness and loyalty towards those close to him, making him a memorable character in the series.

What 16 personality type is Three?

Based on his behavior and actions in the show, Three from Hamatora could be identified as an ESTP personality type. ESTPs are known for their ability to think on their feet, problem-solve quickly, and take risks. These traits are all evident in Three's actions throughout the show. He is often seen jumping into dangerous situations without hesitation and is very confident in his abilities. ESTPs are also known for their extroverted nature, and Three is no exception. He enjoys being around people and being the center of attention. He is often seen cracking jokes and making lighthearted comments, which are traits often associated with ESTPs. Another characteristic of ESTPs is their need for immediate gratification. They tend to be impulsive and seek out pleasurable experiences without worrying about the consequences. Three demonstrates this trait when he prioritizes his own enjoyment over the well-being of his friends. In conclusion, Three's personality type in Hamatora is likely ESTP. His behavior and actions demonstrate the traits typically associated with ESTPs, including quick problem-solving, risk-taking, extrovertedness, and a need for immediate gratification.

Which Enneagram Type is Three?

Three from Hamatora represents the Enneagram Type Three or the Achiever. This personality type is characterized by a strong desire to succeed, achieve, and win approval from others. It's evident in Three's personality as he always strives to prove himself and his abilities, wanting to be the best in everything he does. Three's need for recognition is noticeable when he is always bragging about his accomplishments and always wanting to be at the center of attention. He is driven by a strong desire to be admired, recognized, and praised by others. Besides, Three has the tendency to work hard to become successful, often taking on numerous responsibilities and continually busy working towards his goals. However, sometimes Three becomes so focused on achieving success and recognition that he tends to neglect or overlook his personal needs, emotions and relationships with others. He may appear distant, competitive, and sometimes manipulative in his efforts to achieve his ambitions. In conclusion, Three's personality in Hamatora portrays the Enneagram Type Three or the Achiever, with a strong desire to succeed and be recognized. However, this trait often leads to neglecting personal needs and relationships.



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What is Three's personality type?

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