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Oil Personality Type

Oil is an ENFP and Enneagram Type 1w9.

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"I am the mighty Frieza, and all of the horrible stories you've heard are true!" - Frieza


Oil Character Analysis

Oil is a minor character in the Dragon Ball anime series, who appears in the Red Ribbon Army saga. He is one of the five soldiers in General White's unit and is portrayed as a strong-willed and stubborn character. He is often seen as the most vocal and assertive member of the team, frequently disagreeing with his superior about the best course of action. Despite his bravado, Oil is not the most capable fighter in the Red Ribbon Army, and he is often outmatched by the likes of Goku and his allies. However, he compensates for this by being a skilled mechanic, able to repair and modify complex machinery in order to give his team an edge in combat. Oil's most significant contribution to the series is his role in the fight against Goku and his allies in the Muscle Tower. Although he is ultimately defeated by the young Saiyan, Oil serves as a formidable opponent, testing Goku's skills and pushing him to his limits. While he is not as memorable as some of the other characters in the series, Oil is still a well-realized and entertaining addition to the Dragon Ball universe.

What 16 personality type is Oil?

Oil from Dragon Ball appears to display some traits of the ISTJ personality type. ISTJs are known for their practicality, hardworking nature, and preference for tradition and routine. Oil, as a businessman, demonstrates a strong work ethic and seems to value efficiency and success. His interactions with other characters are somewhat reserved and formal, which is consistent with the ISTJ's tendency to be reserved and private. Additionally, Oil's loyalty to his company and his commitment to achieving his goals align with the ISTJ's sense of duty and responsibility. Overall, while it is difficult to definitively type fictional characters, Oil's behavior and personality traits suggest that he is an ISTJ. However, it is important to note that personality types are not absolute and people may exhibit traits from multiple types. Therefore, this analysis should be taken with a grain of salt and used only as a tool for better understanding the character.

Which Enneagram Type is Oil?

Oil from Dragon Ball can be analyzed as an Enneagram type 3, the Achiever. This type is defined by their ambition, drive, and desire for success and validation from others. Oil's personality manifests in his relentless pursuit of power and status, as seen in his attempts to become the ruler of the world through his involvement with the Red Ribbon Army. He also constantly seeks praise and admiration from others, highlighting his desire for external validation. Furthermore, his actions suggest that he is primarily motivated by a fear of failure and insignificance. This fear of being overlooked or forgotten drives his competitive nature and ruthless demeanor. Overall, as an Enneagram type 3, Oil's personality is defined by his insatiable desire to succeed and be admired, driven by his deep-seated fear of failure and insignificance.



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What is Oil's personality type?

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