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Me Personality Type

Me is an ISFJ and Enneagram Type 5w6.

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"I'm going to live my own life, and no one else's!"


Me Character Analysis

Me is a member of the Night Raid, the assassination group responsible for taking down the corrupt government in the anime series "Akame ga Kill!" Despite being a bit of a mystery to the other members, Me quickly proves to be a valuable asset to the team with their excellent fighting skills and strategic thinking. Little is known about Me's past or personal life, but it is revealed that they were recruited into the Night Raid after crossing paths with the group's leader, Najenda. Me is often seen wearing a hooded cloak and keeping their face hidden, adding to their enigmatic persona. Despite their reserved demeanor, Me is fiercely loyal to the Night Raid and their mission to bring justice to the corrupt Empire. They form close bonds with their fellow members and even becomes Akame's partner in battle. Throughout the series, Me's skills and bravery are put to the test as they face off against powerful enemies and navigate personal struggles. Ultimately, Me plays a crucial role in the Night Raid's fight against the Empire and the show's thrilling conclusion.

What 16 personality type is Me?

Based on Me's personality traits and behaviors in Akame ga Kill!, he could be classified as an INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving) personality type. Firstly, Me is introverted, as he appears quite detached and low-key, rarely engaging with others, and preferring to keep himself to himself. He is also quite analytical and cerebral, displaying a scientific approach to tasks and obsessing over the technical details of machinery and weaponry. This shows his strong preference for intuition and logical reasoning, which is characteristic of INTPs. Moreover, he displays a willingness to challenge established authority and social norms, even if this means putting himself in harm's way. He is also prone to procrastination and indecisiveness, which suggests a perceiving (P) preference. Based on these traits, it can be concluded that Me is an INTP personality type. This manifests in his analytical and cerebral approach to problem-solving as well as his tendency to challenge the status quo. In conclusion, while MBTI typing is not definitive, based on his character traits, Me seems to embody the INTP personality type.

Which Enneagram Type is Me?

After analyzing the character Me from Akame ga Kill!, it can be concluded that he exhibits traits of the Type 5 Enneagram. Me is highly intellectual and curious, functioning best when he has a wealth of knowledge to draw from. He is often suspicious of others and tends to withdraw into his own stowed-away personality to avoid vulnerability. Me’s detachment from the world around him and preference for observation and analysis makes it difficult for him to engage in social interactions, leading him to appear cold and distant to others. While he has a deep desire to feel connected to others emotionally, Me finds it difficult to express his own feelings, resulting in his occasional aloofness. Overall, Me’s strong inclination towards independence and intellectualism make him a prime example of the Type 5 Enneagram.



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What is Me's personality type?

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