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Weldeschtein Krom Raggs Personality Type

Weldeschtein Krom Raggs is an INFJ and Enneagram Type 5w6.

Weldeschtein Krom Raggs

Weldeschtein Krom Raggs

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"I'll do it, even if it costs me my life."

Weldeschtein Krom Raggs

Weldeschtein Krom Raggs Character Analysis

Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, more commonly known as "Krom," is one of the central characters in the anime/manga series 07-Ghost. He is a member of the Barsburg Empire's military and works as the assistant to the Chief of Staff, Ayanami. Krom is a skilled strategist and analyst, and often provides advice and support to Ayanami during battles and political maneuvers. Krom has a cold exterior and rarely shows emotion, making him a mysterious and intimidating figure to those around him. He is highly respected by his colleagues and is known for his loyalty to the emperor and the empire. Despite his seemingly aloof demeanor, Krom is also compassionate and empathetic towards those he cares about, showing a softer side to his personality. Krom's backstory is revealed throughout the series, and it is eventually revealed that he is a prince from Raggs, a kingdom that was destroyed by the Barsburg Empire. He became part of the empire's military as a way to seek revenge for his people and reclaim his kingdom. This inner turmoil adds depth and complexity to Krom's character, making him a fan favorite among viewers and readers of 07-Ghost.

What 16 personality type is Weldeschtein Krom Raggs?

Weldeschtein Krom Raggs from 07-Ghost could possibly be an INTJ personality type. This type manifests in his personality through his strong strategic planning abilities, his ability to see patterns and connections quickly, his analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as his tendency to be reserved and introspective. He often keeps his opinions to himself and is a lone wolf, preferring to work independently rather than in a team. He is also very goal-oriented and works hard to achieve his objectives. In conclusion, Weldeschtein Krom Raggs exhibits many traits of an INTJ personality type, making him a reserved, analytical, and strategic thinker.

Which Enneagram Type is Weldeschtein Krom Raggs?

Based on Weldeschtein Krom Raggs' personality traits and behaviors in 07-Ghost, he appears to be an Enneagram Type Five, also known as The Investigator. Weldeschtein exhibits a strong desire for knowledge, often delving deeply into research and information gathering. He also tends to be quite reserved and detached, preferring to keep to himself and avoid emotional connections with others. At times he can be intellectually arrogant or dismissive of those who don't share his level of knowledge or expertise. Weldeschtein's type five personality also manifests in his tendency towards isolation and self-sufficiency. He often prefers to work alone and may struggle with asking for help when he needs it. Additionally, he can be quite critical and detail-oriented, often focused on finding flaws or weaknesses in systems or individuals. Overall, Weldeschtein's Enneagram type five personality drives him towards a deep thirst for understanding and knowledge, often leading to a detachment from others and a tendency towards isolation. He may struggle with emotional connections and can be prone to over-analyzing or dismissiveness.



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What is Weldeschtein Krom Raggs's personality type?

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