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INFJ Personality: Explore the Enigmatic Mind

By Derek Lee

INFJs, the Guardians, are compassionate and empathetic individuals who seek to understand the human condition. They are driven by a deep sense of idealism and a desire to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Who are INFJs?

INFJs are principled, generous, and talented communicators. They hold a passion for doing good for the world and for the people they love, driven by their deeply held principles and values. They are one of the most loyal, loving, and supportive partners. They are visionary and see the world as what could be, and are continually drawing insights that explain how people and the universe work. But at the same time, you'll find them adorable and endearing as they could be doing this while bumping into things or forgetting to wear matching socks.

Known to be artistic and creative, INFJs have overflowing ideas and imagination. They translate their ideals into different art forms where there could be layers of hidden meanings and possibilities. Their minds are truly creative dens.

INFJs have the potential to be better at handling other people's emotions than their own. Most of the time, they have no control over their feelings. Because of this, they are naturally gentle and don't want to hurt anyone. They are conflict-averse and sensitive to problems and tend to internalize them even days after.

Being the rarest personality type in the world, INFJs often feel like they are aliens living on earth. Because of this, they are often misunderstood. INFJs don't like fitting in or compromising their ideals. They have strong, uncompromising morals and always act based on what they believe is right. Even as true introverts, INFJs could be mistaken as extroverts because they can also be social chameleons. They can blend into social gatherings because of their inviting attitude and ability to get along well with others.

INFJs see to it that they find opportunities wherein they can step in and speak up. They crave moments where they can make a difference. For this personality type, success is not measured by tangible achievements but rather by fulfillment, altruism, and good done in service of the world. As people who care deeply about integrity, they won't stop until they can fix problems in society. With INFJs' creativity, imagination, and sensitivity, they seek to uplift others and share compassion for others.

Go Beyond the Superficial

INFJs are adept at seeing the patterns between occurrences. They believe that they can move above and beyond what's superficial. Only then will they be able to find the true meaning of existence. In their mind, they always try to connect how one thing is interrelated to others. INFJs see small events and situations as a part of a greater one.

Constantly seeking their purpose, INFJs will ensure that when they find it, they'll be able to bring it justice and truly live up to their full potential. Although, they need to find the right balance between their head and heart.

INFJs aim for constant growth; because of this, they typically like traveling, having adventures, and experiencing encounters where they can tap into their minds and reflect. INFJs make up a lot of great counselors, writers, film makers, and psychologists.

See Through People

What makes INFJs different is their ability to see people from different perspectives. First, the outer part. The part that others willingly share with the world. Second, their motives and intentions. You can't fool an INFJ because they can see through people. This could be why they generally have hundreds of acquaintances but only a few close friends.

INFJs are some of the most creative people you could ever meet. They have a lot going through their minds that you may never fully understand. But when in need, you can rely on them, some of the most caring and selfless people.

The Guardian's Strengths

  • creative
  • insightful
  • inspiring
  • well spoken
  • decisive
  • determined
  • passionate
  • altruistic
  • loyal
  • principled
  • compassionate
  • The Shadow Weaknesses of the INFJ

  • sensitive
  • extremely private
  • perfectionistic
  • always need to have a cause
  • can burn out easily
  • overlooks details
  • conflict averse
  • What Enchants an INFJ?

  • principled
  • creative
  • outgoing
  • empathetic
  • caring
  • respectful
  • deep
  • warm
  • sincere
  • authentic
  • open
  • welcoming
  • loyal
  • curious
  • romantic
  • thoughtful
  • What Wears the Patience of an INFJ?

  • unethical
  • dismissive
  • rude
  • critical
  • superficial
  • disrespectful
  • condescending
  • arrogant
  • selfish
  • cruel
  • disloyal
  • A Tapestry of Souls: INFJ Compatibility

    INFJs thrive in relationships where they can form deep emotional bonds and engage in meaningful conversations with their partners. They are drawn to partners who value their insight, compassion, and strong sense of purpose. In turn, INFJs often appreciate partners who offer support, motivation, or a shared passion for making a difference in the world. Challenges may arise when there are significant differences in communication styles, priorities, or approaches to personal growth. However, open communication and mutual understanding can help INFJs navigate these differences and build successful relationships.

    How to Tell if an INFJ is Harmonizing With You

    Guardians are masters at managing their outward emotions and concealing their true selves (think Varys from Game of Thrones). It can sometimes be hard to tell whether they have a crush on you. Guardians tend to be shy, and even though they might go out of their comfort zone to initiate or be around you, they'll inevitably become self-conscious of the act of putting themselves out there romantically. They worry about coming off as awkward and may retreat into nervousness when one of their assuredly pre-meditated moves, like a playful touch, wasn't as natural as they had planned. They'll want to take care of you, empathize with your problems, and be supportive. They also may give you a book and say they know you'll really like it, even if you've never mentioned anything about your literary taste.

    The Art of Flirting with an INFJ


    • Help get them out of their shell, whether it be making the first move, in conversation, or taking them out for a fun date. They'll appreciate your outgoingness.
    • Be polite, empathetic, and respectful.
    • Show them you're someone who has principles.
    • Show them you care for the deeper and more meaningful things in life.
    • Compliment them and appreciate their quirkiness.
    • Be a good listener and engage them in deep and thoughtful conversations.


    • Don't try to seduce them by staring at them, especially from a distance. They're more likely to be selfconscious and uncomfortable. They will think something's wrong with them rather than reciprocate your attention and try to find the nearest exit to escape your view.
    • Don't push them to live more in the moment. They live in their heads and are always thinking about the future and possibilities.
    • Don't put down other people or display unethical behavior or rudeness in front of them.
    • Don't patronize their commitment to their principles, or call it cute.
    • Don't push them to socialize too much.

    How to Weave the Fabric of a Relationship with an INFJ

    • Be open and accepting of their quirkiness or unusual insight.
    • Be polite and respectful to all people.
    • Be willing to share your thoughts and feelings openly and share your hopes and desires for the relationship.
    • Be sincere and authentic.
    • Respect their space and time to themselves. Don't try to overschedule, control, or micro-manage them.

    Passions That Stir the INFJ Soul

  • film
  • writing
  • music
  • volunteering
  • poetry
  • journalism
  • documentaries
  • charity
  • culture
  • philosophy
  • The Language of the INFJ Heart

  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Acts of Service
  • Gifts
  • The Philosophy of INFJ Love

    Guardians crave partners who share their sense of intellectual curiosity, a search for a deeper meaning, and are empathetic and principled. They want someone with whom they can form a deep connection, open their hearts, and share in endless conversations about the future and intriguing thoughts and ideas. Guardians are usually very private and can be hard to read as they are good at concealing their innermost thoughts and self. However, they will feel comfortable opening themselves up with a partner once they feel trust.

    Guardians frequently feel misunderstood and out of place. More than just having a conversation, Guardians crave to be understood for who they are and not judged for their insights and ideas. Usually amazing listeners, they especially appreciate people who can also reciprocate attentive listening. They appreciate partners who are creative, thoughtful, and mutually supportive.

    Guardians can seem extraverted in some instances, but end up exhausted and eventually need time to themselves to recharge. It is essential to allow them time to themselves and not misinterpret it as disinterest. Guardians are not the type to be interested in casual relationships or flings, and usually require a deep connection with someone before entering into a relationship.

    How to Impress an INFJ with the Perfect Date

    A Guardian's ideal date is one where they can connect deeply with another person in a peaceful environment. They enjoy quiet and relaxing surroundings. It can be gazing at the stars at night together around a campfire discussing philosophy and each other's hopes and dreams, picnicing and reading poetry on a crisp autumn day, or taking a nice long walk together along a beach.

    The Abyss of Doubt: INFJ Relationship Fears

    Guardians are notoriously picky and worry they'll pick the wrong person. They can be skilled at reading people's characters and motives that they are often plagued with the understanding of others' shortcomings. They worry they'll fall for someone selfish, unempathetic, and with deep character flaws.

    The Hidden Desires of the Guardian

    Guardians are visionaries often thinking about the future, imagining how things will play out, and reading between the lines and patterns of occurrences. As a result, Guardians are frequently in their heads and miss out on the things going on in the present in everyday life. They sometimes wish they could just let loose and enjoy the here and now, indulge their impulses and senses with the beautiful natural world, and be more adventurous.

    The Philosophy of INFJ Friendship

    INFJs seek genuine and honest connections. They have a nose for determining compatibility by understanding other’s ulterior motives and intentions. For Guardians, friendship is all about having a dependable confidant in life. They love sharing their dreams, passions, and beliefs with like-minded souls who motivate and inspire them. Idealistic and kind-hearted, INFJs are driven by a sincere desire to make the world a better place for everyone to feel safe and free.

    The Guardian's Perspective on Life

    INFJs value equality and fairness and seek most to make the world a better place. Guardians, unlike typical idealists, do not purely see the world through rose-colored glasses. Understanding abstract patterns and impressions do not make them resistant to reality. They are missionaries, visionaries and doers with genuine humanitarian intentions.

    Hanging Out with an INFJ

    INFJs don't need a lot of frills to be happy. Guardians enjoy doing anything from playing some random sports together, catching up over a hot cup of chocolate, or simply gazing up at the stars in a vacant yard. All that matters is that they can listen, inspire, and have fun with their friends.

    How INFJs Create a Symphony of Understanding

    INFJs are attentive and easygoing in their conversations. It is innate in them to show support and care for the people. Guardians communicate with open minds, ensuring everyone feels heard and validated.

    INFJ Career Insights: Mapping the Stars of Your Professional Horizon

    Within the expansive landscape of careers, the INFJ navigates with a heart full of empathy and a mind rich in understanding. Many find solace in roles that resonate with their intrinsic urge to understand and elevate others—think professions in psychology, counseling, or writing, where the depths of humanity are explored and celebrated. These positions harness the Guardian's exceptional ability to sense unspoken emotions and nuances, creating a space where their compassion and vision flourish. A pursuit in areas like literature, psychology, or philosophy often serves as a compass, guiding the INFJ towards deeper realms of understanding.

    However, the same qualities that make some professions feel like a natural fit can render others challenging terrains. High-intensity roles in competitive corporate atmospheres might overshadow the INFJ’s intuitive brilliance. Additionally, positions demanding stark logical detachment can be jarring to the Guardian's emotionally attuned core. Both men and women embodying the Guardian essence should be discerning in their career choices. They should remember: it's not merely about the allure of financial rewards or societal recognition, but rather the deep resonance between one’s spirit and profession. Because when that harmony exists, the Guardian isn't just serving their own well-being but also the broader tapestry of life. So, Guardian, know that your path is part of a larger journey, and your unique rhythm has a place amidst the stars.

    Dispelling the Myths: The INFJ Stereotype

    People frequently misinterpret INFJs as overly emotional and illogical. While it is true that they are affectionate, they also enjoy learning about the world around them. Guardians research and read various resources to acquire more perspective and understanding. They later on take time to internalize and apply everything they’ve learned in their daily lives.

    An INFJ's Approach to Conflicts and Resolutions

    INFJs use peaceful mediation to resolve conflicts. Their empathetic nature helps them understand and soothe hot heads and cold hearts. Guardians know when to hold their silence and when to fight for their convictions and principles.



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