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Introverted Feeling (Fi) is a cognitive function that helps people think and make decisions based on their feelings, values, and beliefs. This type of thinking is focused on the individual and how they feel inside, rather than being influenced by others.

Fi users are very attuned to their internal responses and motivations. They often have a strong sense of morality and ethics, as well as a highly developed personal code of conduct. Fi users strive to be true to themselves, living in line with their values and beliefs. To remain authentic, they may be hesitant to change their opinion or views on certain topics. They are often seen as being stubborn or unwilling to compromise because of their strong sense of self. Their awareness and sensitivity to the feelings of others can make them great at empathy but also vulnerable to getting manipulated or taken advantage of by people who do not share their values.

In contrast to Fe, Fi users will be able to step back and use their judgment to decide what is right or wrong. They are often passionate and independent thinkers, with a strong sense of inner conviction and determination that drives them in pursuit of their goals.

In conclusion, Fi users are deeply connected to their values and principles, which they take great care to protect. They are highly capable of understanding emotions and making decisions based on their feelings and beliefs, rather than what others may think or feel. They are independent, determined thinkers who stay true to themselves to remain authentic and true to their code of conduct.



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