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Dive into the numbers that narrate our deepest connections. This is where data meets dating, offering you insights wrapped in facts and figures. Our analysis goes beyond surface-level statistics, uncovering patterns and trends that shape successful relationships. Whether you're curious about the most compatible personality types or the success rates of different dating approaches, this section provides a wealth of data-driven wisdom. Discover how understanding the numbers can enhance your journey to finding a meaningful connection.






Honesty or humor -- which is more important in a partner?

Poll: The Yin and Yang of Relationships: Balancing Honesty & Humor in Your Perfect Match

Would you stay with a partner who cheated?

Poll: When Trust is Broken: Should You Stay or Leave After Infidelity?

Love at first sight

Poll: When You Know, You Know: Understanding Love at First Sight

Are political differences a relationship dealbreaker?

Poll: Can Opposites Attract When It Comes to Politics? Navigating Relationships With Different Views

Dating a friend's ex: Is it a good idea?

Poll: Betrayal or Fair Game: Would You Date One of Your Friend’s Exes?

Would you marry someone who doesn't like your family?

Poll: Navigating the Crossroads: When Love and Family Are at Odds

Does love change us?

Poll: Embracing Transformation: How Love Changes Us and Why It Matters

Dating a single parent

Poll: Loving the Whole Package: Navigating the Landscape of Dating Single Parents

Dating your sibling's ex is a dicey move!

Poll: Would You Ever Consider Dating One of Your Sibling's Exes?

Is Valentine's Day too tacky?

Poll: Rethinking Valentine's Day: Embracing Authenticity Over Clichés

Get married young or when you're older?

Poll: Would You Rather Get Married Early or Later in Life?

When friendships or relationships break down.

Poll: Healing from Breakups: Unraveling the Pain of Friendship and Relationship Breakdown

Relationships and money: Who should be the breadwinner?

Poll: Breadwinner Dynamics: Navigating Power, Balance, and Harmony in Your Relationship

Is it cheating if your partner uses dating apps?

Poll: Digital Dilemmas: Is Your Partner's Continued Use of Dating Apps a Breach of Trust?

Moving countries to be with a partner

Poll: Are You Willing to Move to a Different Country to be With Your Partner?

Changing faith for love

Poll: Love Beyond Beliefs: Would You Change Your Religion for Love?

The tug of war between money and feelings.

Poll: Understanding the Tug-of-War: Money vs. Feelings

Are arranged marriages better than marrying for love?

Poll: Choosing Your Path: An Exploration of Fixed and Free Will Marriages

Do you prefer an older or younger partner

Poll: Is It Better to Have an Older or Younger Partner?

When your friend and sibling date...

Poll: Navigating Uncharted Waters: When Your Best Friend Falls for Your Sibling

Just platonic? Exploring the spectrum of friendships.

Poll: Exploring the Depths of Platonic Friendship: Where Intimacy Meets Independence

Falling for your boss

Poll: Falling for Your Boss: Navigating the Complicated Terrain of Boss-Employee Relationships

Workplace Romance: What happens when you fall for your colleague?

Poll: Workplace Romance: Navigating the Complex Dance of Affection and Profession

Is social status important when looking for a partner?

Poll: Is Social Status Important in Finding a Partner?

Rich and stressed or poor and laid back?

Poll: Choosing Your Path: High-Stress Wealth or the Laid-Back Simplicity

When you crush on someone who is already married...

Poll: Crush on Someone Married: Understanding and Navigating the Complex Emotions

Should you leave your friends to be with the one you love?

Poll: In the Balance: Maintaining Friendships While in a Romantic Relationship

Would you introduce your date to your friends after three months?

Poll: The Three-Month Mark: Is It Too Soon for Your Date to Meet Your Friends?

Blind dates

Poll: Beyond First Impressions: Your Essential Guide to Blind Dating

Would you ghost someone?

Poll: Would You Fade or Face It? Navigating the Dilemma of Ghosting

Separate finances in marriage

Poll: Joint or Separate? Unraveling the Financial Knot in Marriage

Breakups: Public vs. Private

Poll: Public vs. Private: Navigating the Delicate Terrain of Breakups

Would you stay friends on social media with your ex?

Poll: Staying Connected After Disconnecting: The Social Media Dilemma with Exes

Should you tell your friend if you love them?

Poll: To Confess or Not: Navigating the Transition from Friendship to Love

Would you choose pets instead of children?

Heartfelt Choices: Embracing Pets Over Parenthood in a Changing World

What happens when you find out your partner has children?

Poll: What Would You Do If You Found Out from Someone Else That Your Partner Has Children?

Repeated cheating: Is it possible to forgive?

Will You Forgive Your Partner If It's Their Third Time Cheating On You

What would happen if your friend started dating your ex?

Poll: Friendship After Betrayal: Can You Remain Friends with Someone Dating Your Ex?

Are you more attracted to nice-smelling people?

Poll: The Allure of Aroma: How Smelling Good Influences Attraction

Do common interests correlate with compatibility?

Poll: Common Interests vs Compatibility: Do Couples Need to Have Similar Interests to be Compatible?

Would you break up with your partner because of your family?

"I Love My Girlfriend but Not Her Family": Dealing with Your Partner's Dislike for Your Family

What would you do if you discovered your fiance's infidelity on your wedding day?

My Fiance Cheated On Me Should I Still Marry Him? Finding Out About an Affair Before Marriage

Can you love without commitment?

Love Without Commitment – Friends With Benefits Rules: Intimacy Without The Emotional Strings

Hurtful teasing can kill relationships

Hurtful Teasing: The Quiet Relationship Killer

Incompatible love languages

Incompatible Love Languages: How To Find Harmony in Incompatibility

Text reponse time etiquette

Text Response Time Etiquette: What It Means When He Takes 12 Hours To Reply

Are you a night own or an early bird?

Night Owl vs. Early Bird: What Time Of Day Is Your Brain Sharpest?

Why fast-moving relationships fail

Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail: Rushed Relationships, Rebounds, and Everything in Between

Who should propose?

Poll: Who Should Propose? Breaking Tradition in the Modern Era

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