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Introverted Sensing is a way your brain remembers information. It helps you remember experiences and details from the past. It also helps you recognize patterns in what’s happening now so that you can make decisions based on what happened before.

People with strong Si can often be seen as reliable and trustworthy since they remember what’s happened in the past and use that to make decisions in the present. They also tend to be detail-oriented and practical, focusing on what’s worked before when making decisions.

On the other hand, people with weaker Si can be more creative and open-minded, since they don’t have a lot of information from the past to draw on. They can look at problems from different angles and find solutions that are outside the box.

Si users are usually very organized and good time managers, since their ability to remember details helps them plan and be efficient. They may also be able to remember people’s names and faces, as well as all kinds of random facts. This ability to recall information can be helpful for school, work, or just general knowledge. Finally, Si users are often seen as reliable and trustworthy individuals who will always deliver what they promise.

Overall, Introverted Sensing is an important part of your personality and can help you in many aspects of life. It helps you remember past experiences, recognize patterns, and stay organized. It also makes you reliable and trustworthy. Using Si will help you make decisions based on what worked before, and will ensure that you are always prepared for the future.



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