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Nella is an ISFJ and Enneagram Type 5w6.



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"I have no intention of playing the role of a victim. I'm always on the offensive, I am never the prey."


Nella Character Analysis

Nella is a well-known character from the anime series "Dance in the Vampire Bund." She is a lead character in the series, known for her fascinating personality, skills, and unique backstory. Nella is a strong and powerful figure in the world of vampires, and she is one of the main characters that the series explores. Nella is a prominent figure in the vampire world, and her backstory is a significant aspect of the series. She was born into a wealthy and powerful vampire family, and her family was known for their strength and influence in the vampire world. However, Nella had a difficult childhood, and her parents never gave her the love and affection that she deserved. As a result, she developed a cold and detached personality, which is reflected in her behavior and actions. Despite her difficult past, Nella is a strong and capable character in the series. She is a skilled fighter and is instrumental in many battles throughout the series. Her abilities and strength are unmatched, and she is respected by both vampires and humans alike. Nella is also a loyal and dedicated character, and she will do whatever it takes to protect the people she loves and cares for. Overall, Nella is a fascinating character in "Dance in the Vampire Bund." She is a strong and powerful figure, with a unique backstory and personality. Her skills and abilities make her a force to be reckoned with in the vampire world, and she is a crucial part of the series. Fans of the series love Nella for her strength, loyalty, and unique personality, making her a favorite among anime fans.

What 16 personality type is Nella?

Based on the character traits exhibited by Nella, she seems to be an ISTJ (Introverted-Sensing-Thinking-Judging) personality type. As an ISTJ, she is logical, principled, and dependable. She is a natural-born leader who tends to adhere to rules and regulations, and she takes her duties and responsibilities seriously. Nella is a practical and analytical thinker who relies on concrete details and facts in her decision-making process. Her introverted nature may make her seem detached or aloof, but she does care deeply about those she trusts. Nella values stability, structure, and security above all else, which is evident in the way she protects and serves the Vampire Queen. She is fiercely loyal and committed to her queen and would do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Nella's cautious demeanor and attention to detail make her an astute observer who can anticipate potential problems and take proactive steps to prevent them. However, she sometimes struggles to deal with unexpected situations and may become inflexible or resistant to change. In conclusion, Nella's ISTJ personality type manifests in her sense of duty, practicality, and adherence to regulations, making her a reliable and analytical member of the vampire court.

Which Enneagram Type is Nella?

Nella from Dance in the Vampire Bund seems to exhibit traits of an Enneagram Type 8, also known as the Challenger. Nella displays a strong desire for control and independence, as well as a deep fear of vulnerability and weakness. Her actions and decisions are often driven by a need to assert dominance and protect herself and those she cares about. As a Type 8, Nella can come across as confrontational and even aggressive in her interactions with others. She does not shy away from conflict and is unafraid to speak her mind, even if it means offending or upsetting those around her. Yet, at the same time, she has a soft side and a protective nature, which is evident in her relationship with the main character Mina. In conclusion, Nella's personality traits align with those of an Enneagram Type 8, as she embodies a desire for control and independence and a fear of vulnerability and weakness. Her assertive and protective nature are indicative of this personality type.



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