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Type 8


What is an Enneagram Type 8?

Enneagram Type Eight individuals, also known as The Challengers, are assertive and strong-willed individuals who enjoy taking control. They have a deep sense of justice and fairness and can be passionate about the causes that they believe in.

Eights are direct, decisive, and have an assertive approach to life. They value honesty and integrity and expect others to do the same. These individuals don't mince words, so if you are looking for someone who will sugarcoat the truth, then this type is not for you. Eights can be quite blunt in their communication, but they usually mean well and are simply trying to get their message across without any unnecessary drama.

The Challengers feel deeply connected to their inner power which gives them an aura of confidence and strength that can draw people in or push them away depending on how it is perceived. They often take up leadership roles due to their natural ability to direct others toward a goal or mission. They have a strong need for action and results, and don't like being idle or wasting time on trivial matters. Their strong inner drive and ambition can make them excellent leaders, and they can push people to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Although they may appear outwardly confident, underneath they struggle with feelings of insecurity and vulnerability which leads them to seek out security by taking control over situations or people around them. Eights can also be prone to anger and outbursts of temper if things don’t go their way. They may be overly aggressive or even domineering at times, as they have difficulty checking their impulses and backing down from difficult situations. Eights may need to practice controlling their emotions so that they can be more effective in their interactions with others.

One pitfall of their independence is that Eights can quickly become frustrated when forced to conform to someone else's rules or expectations. They need to be respected for their opinions, ideas, and contributions, and do not respond well to criticism. They may have difficulty trusting others due to their fear of being taken advantage of or controlled. Eights value honesty in relationships and will often push back against any attempts to manipulate them.

When they are healthy, Eights feel confident in their ability to take charge and protect themselves. They have a strong sense of self and can be generous, encouraging, and supportive of those around them. They can express their needs and boundaries in a respectful manner that leaves room for negotiation or compromise. They know when to back down if necessary, but will also stand up for what they believe in firmly. When unhealthy, Eights may become overly aggressive and controlling as they try to compensate for their insecurity. They may engage in power struggles and experience difficulty with cooperation or empathy. They can also become overly defensive and argumentative when challenged, making it difficult to maintain healthy relationships. In their personal lives, Eights need to be careful not to become too demanding or domineering as this can lead to interpersonal difficulties and conflict.

Overall, Enneagram Type Eight individuals are strong-willed and driven people who have a powerful presence and sense of justice. They make excellent leaders and can bring out the best in those around them. With the right kind of self-awareness and discipline, Eights can learn to channel their ambition and energy into productive outcomes.

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