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Type 6w5

Type 6 Wing 5

What is an Enneagram 6w5?

Enneagram Type Six Wing Five (6w5) individuals combine the characteristics of both Type Six and Type Five to create a unique personality type. These people are loyal, supportive, and dedicated to their families, friends, and beliefs. They have a strong sense of justice and fairness, and they approach problems analytically, relying on facts rather than intuition. Independent and strong-willed, 6w5s are persistent in the face of challenges but may also experience anxiety and ambivalence.

In relationships, 6w5s seek deep connections built on loyalty and trust, traits strongly associated with type six. They are committed to nurturing these connections by being reliable, supportive, and open-minded, while also expecting the same from their partners. Their analytical thinking, inherited from type five, enables them to express strong opinions and engage in meaningful conversations with their partners.

6w5s have great leadership potential due to their problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking skills, which are characteristics of type five. As strategists, they can quickly analyze situations and devise clever solutions. Highly motivated and productive, they strive for perfection and are organized in both goal setting and planning. 6w5s enjoy teamwork and often assume leadership roles, recognizing the potential in others.

As hardworking team players, 6w5s take initiative and set high standards for themselves and others. However, they may sometimes place too much pressure on themselves, leading to potential burnout. In relationships, they are committed and supportive partners, providing reliability and nurturing from their type six traits, though they may become overly protective or demanding.

In moments of danger or crisis, 6w5s remain calm and collected, assessing situations before taking action. They can push themselves to the limit, so it's crucial for them to take breaks and maintain balance. Loyal and responsible, 6w5s prioritize the best interests of those around them, seeking to be open-minded, fair, and firmly grounded in their principles.

In summary, 6w5s are a unique blend of the loyalty and commitment of type six and the analytical and problem-solving skills of type five. They possess a strong sense of responsibility, creativity, and strategic thinking, and are driven to overcome challenges. Despite potential bouts of worry and anxiety, their combination of type six and type five traits enables them to tackle even the most daunting tasks. Reliable and supportive, 6w5s are committed to ensuring fairness, justice, and security for themselves and their loved ones.

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