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Type 6


What is an Enneagram Type 6?

Enneagram Type Six, often referred to as the "Loyalist" or "Committed Skeptic," embodies a deep loyalty to family, friends, and personal beliefs. These individuals are steadfastly supportive and reliable in relationships, while also maintaining a healthy skepticism and questioning authority figures or rules that don't resonate with them. Highly analytical and potential leaders in group settings, Sixes seek security, predictability, and structure in their lives.

Type Sixes are known for their diligence and ambition, setting pragmatic goals and working tirelessly towards achieving them. They are analytical thinkers who value planning ahead and seeking security in the world around them. Preferring evidence-based solutions over intuitive approaches, Sixes are seen as natural team players, skilled at bringing people together and maintaining high morale—traits that make them invaluable members of any organization. With their loyal nature and analytical mindset, Sixes make exceptional friends, colleagues, and partners.

Driven by their strong sense of justice and fairness, Sixes often strive to ensure that everyone is treated equitably. Their unwavering commitment to righteousness motivates them to advocate for themselves and others who may lack a voice in society. Despite their occasional self-doubt or insecurity about decision-making, Sixes are assertive when defending their cherished values. They may become apprehensive or suspicious of others who seem to diverge from their values or beliefs.

Behind these strengths, Sixes may grapple with anxiety, preoccupied with potential pitfalls and seeking reassurance from their surroundings. They can fall into analysis paralysis, endlessly rechecking facts and resisting change. To regain control when feeling anxious, Sixes should take steps to ensure that their loyalty does not lead to fear-based decision-making. They also need to learn to trust their intuition and problem-solving abilities, reminding themselves that they are equipped to handle whatever life presents.

In addition to their analytical nature, Sixes possess an innate determination and perseverance, always willing to try again until they complete a task. Their tenacity makes them highly capable of tackling difficult challenges, even when situations seem insurmountable. By nurturing their emotional resilience and recognizing the value of their intuition, Sixes can maintain their steadfast support for loved ones and continue to pursue fairness and justice.

Overall, Type Six individuals are dependable, supportive friends who can be relied upon in times of need. They cherish security, fairness, and justice, and they are willing to take risks to ensure everyone's voice is heard. By embracing their strengths, Type Sixes can create a balanced and fulfilling life, deepening connections and championing the causes they hold dear.

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