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Disturbed Personality Type

Disturbed is an ISTJ and Enneagram Type 6w5.



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"Vengeance is a dish best served cold, ninja."


Disturbed Character Analysis

Disturbed is a major character in the anime series Ninja Slayer, which follows the journey of a vigilante ninja named Kenji Fujikido. The action-packed anime tells the story of Kenji, who is possessed by a ninja spirit after witnessing the murder of his family. The series takes place in a futuristic world where corporate gangs and ninja clans battle for control of society. Disturbed is a member of the Soukai Syndicate, a powerful gang that controls the city of Neo-Saitama. He is one of the most feared ninja assassins in the series, and his skills are matched only by his ruthlessness. Disturbed is a formidable opponent in combat, and he uses his agility and stealth to silently take out his targets. Despite his fearsome reputation, Disturbed is a complex character with a tragic backstory. He was once a normal human who was experimented on by the Soukai Syndicate, who turned him into a cyborg ninja. His entire body was replaced with advanced machinery, and he lost his memories and his humanity in the process. Disturbed is haunted by his past and constantly struggles with his identity, but he remains dedicated to serving his syndicate and ensuring its domination over Neo-Saitama. Overall, Disturbed is a compelling and multifaceted character in the world of Ninja Slayer. Fans of the series are drawn to his powerful presence on screen and his tragic backstory, making him a memorable addition to the cast of the anime.

What 16 personality type is Disturbed?

Disturbed from Ninja Slayer exudes characteristics of the ISTP personality type. As an ISTP, he possesses an innate sense of curiosity and adaptability, which allows him to react quickly and make decisions on the fly. He is a skilled fighter and is confident in his abilities, often taking risks that others would avoid. He also values his independence and enjoys working alone, but is also capable of being a valuable team player when necessary. In addition to his adventurous and resourceful nature, Disturbed also displays a reserved and introspective demeanor. He tends to keep his emotions to himself and prefers to observe and analyze situations before acting. This can make him come across as aloof or detached from others, but it also allows him to remain calm in high-stress situations. Overall, Disturbed's ISTP personality type manifests in his willingness to take risks, his ability to adapt to new situations, and his reserved and analytical nature. While not definitive or absolute, these traits provide insight into the core components of his character.

Which Enneagram Type is Disturbed?

Possible analysis: Disturbed, also known as Sword Maiden, is a secondary antagonist and recurring character in the anime/manga series Ninja Slayer, created by Yoshiaki Tabata and illustrated by Yuki Yogo. As a member of the terrorist organization Soukaiya and the leader of the faction Ressentiment, Disturbed opposes the ninja revival movement that threatens her vision of a dystopian world ruled by machines and controlled by selected humans with power and status. She is also connected to the protagonist Kenji Fujikido as his childhood friend and former love interest, who betrayed him and his family to pursue her ideals. Based on her behaviors, motivations, and fears, Disturbed can be interpreted as an Enneagram type 6w5, also known as the Loyalist or the Defender. Here are some reasons for this classification: - Core desire: To find security and support from trustworthy authorities and allies who can protect them from harm and danger. Disturbed is deeply committed to her cause of resisting the ninja threat and preserving the supremacy of technology and rationality, which she sees as a way to prevent chaos, suffering, and injustice. She is willing to sacrifice her own life and those of her followers for this goal, and she often shows a pragmatic and strategic approach to achieve it, using her intelligence and resources to gather information, plan attacks, and manipulate others. She also shows some respect for hierarchy and expertise, acknowledging the competence and expertise of her subordinates and advisers. - Core fear: To be abandoned, betrayed, or harmed by those they depend on or trust. Disturbed's main source of anxiety and distress is the possibility of losing control, being exposed, or facing a superior force that can defeat her or her plans. She is paranoid and suspicious of anyone who opposes her, and she tends to use coercion, intimidation, and violence to maintain her power and authority. She also has a tendency to test the loyalty and commitment of her allies, sometimes by putting them in dangerous or unethical situations, or by revealing her vulnerable side to them and expecting them to reciprocate. She believes that her ends justify her means, and she can justify her actions as sacrifices for a greater good. - Core weakness: To doubt their own abilities, insights, and judgments, and to seek external validation and guidance to feel safe and confident. Disturbed often shows a reluctance to take risks or make decisions on her own, preferring to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others or to consult with her advisers. She can be indecisive or hesitant when faced with complex or ambiguous situations, and she may change her mind frequently or ask for repeated reassurance from others. She also tends to second-guess herself or others, and she may replay past events or conversations in her head to find flaws, inconsistencies, or signs of potential treachery. - Core motivation: To cultivate knowledge, skills, and independence to defend themselves and their values. Disturbed's 5 wing adds a layer of intellectual curiosity and skepticism to her personality, indicating that she values expertise, logic, and creativity as means to solve problems and gain autonomy. She is often seen reading books or studying technical manuals, and she has a broad range of knowledge in fields such as medicine, engineering, and psychology. She also shows some inclination towards introspection and self-reflection, but mostly as a way to strengthen her convictions and defense mechanisms. Overall, Disturbed's type 6w5 traits manifest in her as a leader who seeks to protect her people from external threats and internal divisions, but who also struggles with trust issues and validation-seeking behaviors. Her fear of abandonment and harm makes her ruthless and calculating, but also vulnerable and desperate. Her need for security and knowledge makes her cautious and calculating, but also paranoid and defensive. The combination of her loyalty and independence makes her a complex character who can inspire both admiration and fear, depending on the perspective. Concluding statement: Disturbed from Ninja Slayer can be seen as an Enneagram type 6w5 with a strong focus on defending her vision of a technological world with a strong hierarchy and control. Her complex personality combines loyalty, intelligence, and paranoia, making her an intriguing and challenging character to analyze and understand. However, her type is not an absolute or definitive way of categorizing her, as it only captures some aspects of her behavior and motivations, and does not account for other factors such as her backstory, relationships, and external influences.

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What is Disturbed's personality type?

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