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Look Personality Type

Look is an ISTJ and Enneagram Type 6w5.



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"I'm always calm. That's the advantage of being a pessimist."


Look Character Analysis

Log Horizon is a Japanese anime series that is based on the light novel series by Mamare Touno. It's a sci-fi, adventure, and fantasy genre anime. The storyline of the series is set in a world where players get trapped inside a game named Elder Tales, which was once a popular MMORPG. The story suggests that people have to re-learn their skills and find their place in the new world. One of the significant characters of this anime is Look, or as the anime dictates, Ryuuzou. Look is a Cleric player of the MMORPG Elder Tales, who gets trapped inside the game after the release of the twelfth expansion pack. He is a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance, a guild formed by several players who were transported to the game like him. In the game, Clerics are the field medics who support their team by healing them, giving them useful buffs, removing debuffs, etc. But in the new world, Look uses his healing abilities to create food and medicine to support the community. He seems timid and fragile, but in reality, he can be decisive and fearless when needed, as was shown during the Goblin Invasion. Look is kind-hearted and compassionate, which makes him a respected member of the Crescent Moon Alliance. His positive attitude and unwavering dedication towards his work make him stand out among other characters. Look has a neutral and mild personality, but he is a helpful and well-liked member of his guild. Overall, Look is a fascinating character with a unique perspective on the MMORPG world, and his skills have proved useful to his allies several times.

What 16 personality type is Look?

Based on his introspective and analytical nature, Look from Log Horizon could be classified as an INTP personality type. This type tends to be logical, inventive, and contemplative, often delving into complex ideas and theories. Throughout the series, Look demonstrates his INTP tendencies through his meticulous planning and problem-solving skills. He is often seen working alone, lost in thought, and comes up with creative solutions to complex problems. He also displays a lack of interest in small talk and socializing, preferring instead to focus on his intellectual pursuits. However, his INTP tendencies can sometimes hinder his ability to connect with others on an emotional level, often coming across as cold or indifferent. This is seen when he struggles with expressing his emotions and understanding others' feelings. Overall, Look's INTP personality type contributes to his strategic and innovative thinking but can also result in social disconnect.

Which Enneagram Type is Look?

Based on Look's behavior and personality in Log Horizon, he most likely belongs to Enneagram Type 6 - The Loyalist. Look is a loyal and faithful member of his guild, and he strongly believes in the concept of teamwork and cooperation towards achieving a common goal. He is very cautious and meticulous in his approach, preferring to plan ahead and consider all possible outcomes before taking action. At the same time, Look can also be hesitant and indecisive, especially when faced with uncertainty and the unknown. He tends to rely on rules and guidelines to guide his behavior, and he may become anxious or fearful when these structures are challenged or violated. Overall, Look's Enneagram Type 6 personality can be seen as a complex blend of loyalty, caution, and anxiety. Through his experiences and interactions with other characters, he may learn to develop greater confidence and trust in his own abilities, while also finding ways to cope with his fears and insecurities. In conclusion, while Enneagram types are not definitive or absolute, analyzing Look's behavior and personality in Log Horizon suggests that he may possess the characteristics and tendencies of a Type 6 - The Loyalist.



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What is Look's personality type?

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