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Benjamin Aisen Gudman Personality Type

Benjamin Aisen Gudman is an INFJ and Enneagram Type 8w9.

Benjamin Aisen Gudman

Benjamin Aisen Gudman

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Benjamin Aisen Gudman Character Analysis

Benjamin Aisen Gudman is a character from the Brazilian TV series "Apocalipse," which aired from November 2017 to June 2018. He is a pivotal character in the show, as he is the leader of the "Sagrada Luz," a mysterious organization devoted to bringing about the apocalypse. Benjamin is portrayed by actor Sergio Marone, who is known for his roles in other Brazilian television dramas. Throughout the series, viewers learn that Benjamin is a wealthy businessman who has used his resources to build the Sagrada Luz and its operations. He is a charismatic and persuasive speaker, which helps him attract new followers to his cause. Despite his outward charm, however, Benjamin is a deeply conflicted character who struggles with his own morality and the consequences of his actions. As the series progresses, Benjamin becomes more and more involved in the events leading up to the apocalypse. He forms alliances with other powerful figures in government and industry, and uses his influence to manipulate events in his favor. Ultimately, he must confront the consequences of his actions and face his own mortality. The character of Benjamin Aisen Gudman is a complex and haunting figure, one that leaves a lasting impression on viewers of "Apocalipse."

What 16 personality type is Benjamin Aisen Gudman?

Based on analysis of Benjamin Aisen Gudman's character in Apocalipse, it is likely that his MBTI personality type is INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging). His character displays a strong preference for introversion as he tends to keep to himself and is not easily swayed by the opinions of others. His intuitive nature is evident in his visionary and futuristic outlook on life, as well as his ability to see the bigger picture and connect ideas. His thinking preference manifests in his analytical and logical approach to problem-solving, and his judging function is evident in his decisiveness and tendency to make plans and stick to them. Overall, Benjamin Aisen Gudman's character exhibits many of the key traits associated with INTJ personality types, including a strong sense of independence and an ability to think critically and strategically. In conclusion, based on analysis of his character, it is highly likely that Benjamin Aisen Gudman from Apocalipse is an INTJ personality type.

Which Enneagram Type is Benjamin Aisen Gudman?

Based on his actions and behavior in the TV series "Apocalypse", Benjamin Aisen Gudman can be interpreted as an Enneagram Type 8. His dominant traits include being assertive, confident, and forceful, with a strong desire for control and power over others. He is quick to take action and is not afraid to confront or challenge others, especially those who he perceives as threats to his goals. Benjamin's Enneagram Type 8 manifests in his personality through his willingness to take risks, his leadership skills, and his ability to be unapologetically direct. He also has a strong sense of justice and fairness, often taking up the cause of the underprivileged and oppressed. However, his traits can also be interpreted negatively as being domineering, aggressive, and unwilling to compromise. In conclusion, Benjamin Aisen Gudman from "Apocalypse" appears to be a Type 8 Enneagram personality. While this identification is not definitive or absolute, his actions and behaviors throughout the series are consistent with this particular Enneagram Type.



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What is Benjamin Aisen Gudman's personality type?

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