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Metera Personality Type

Metera is an INFJ and Enneagram Type 2w3.



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Metera Character Analysis

Metera is a prominent character in Granblue Fantasy, an anime and game franchise developed by Cygames. She is one of the main characters on the Grandcypher, an airship that serves as the home base for the protagonist and their companions. Metera serves as one of the leads of the group, often offering guidance and insight to the others as they explore the fantasy world of Granblue. Metera is primarily known for her striking appearance, which consists of a long, flowing red dress and a pair of angelic wings. She is also armed with a bow and arrow, which she uses with deadly accuracy to take down her foes. Despite her fierce appearance, Metera is actually quite charming and kind-hearted, often serving as the voice of reason within the group. In terms of personality, Metera is often portrayed as aloof and distant, keeping her emotions tightly controlled. However, she is also fiercely loyal to her friends and will do whatever it takes to protect them. She is also highly intelligent, often devising innovative strategies to overcome the various challenges that the group faces. Overall, Metera is a beloved character in the Granblue Fantasy franchise due to her unique design, intriguing personality, and loyal nature. She is an essential part of the group and plays a vital role in helping the protagonist and their allies navigate the treacherous world of Granblue.

What 16 personality type is Metera?

Metera from Granblue Fantasy appears to have an ENFP personality type. She is carefree, imaginative, and enjoys engaging with people. These traits are consistent with ENFPs who tend to be intuitive and empathetic individuals. She shows signs of being a passionate person who is guided by her emotions and values. Her tendency to help and support others is a result of her empathetic nature. She is also good at communicating her ideas, and is able to persuade others to her way of thinking due to her gift for language. She is often seen to be a dreamer who keeps her hopes and expectations high when it comes to love and personal relationships. Her idealistic nature is sometimes mistaken for impracticality, but in fact, she possesses a strong sense of intuition that guides her decisions. She enjoys working independently and expresses herself through her freedom and independence of thought. She can be spontaneous at times, responding instantly to any situation around her. In summary, Metera can be categorized as an ENFP. Her empathetic nature, idealism, intuition, and social, communicative qualities are consistent with this personality type. She values her independence and has a strong sense of intuition that guides her decisions. She may come across as dreamy and impractical, but her gift for persuasion and communication makes her a valued member of any team.

Which Enneagram Type is Metera?

Based on her personality traits and behaviors, Metera from Granblue Fantasy is likely an Enneagram Type Two, also known as The Helper. This type is driven by a need to be appreciated and loved, and will often go out of their way to help others in order to gain their affection. Metera is known for being caring and nurturing towards her friends, often putting their needs before her own. She is also a skilled archer and often uses her talents to protect and provide for others. Her desire for affection and attention is also evident in her flirty and seductive nature, as she enjoys using her beauty to charm and manipulate others. However, Metera's Helper tendencies can also manifest in negative ways, such as becoming overly clingy or needy towards those she cares about. She may also struggle with boundary-setting, and may have difficulty saying no to others even when it is in her best interest. Overall, while Enneagram typing is not definitive or absolute, the traits and behaviors displayed by Metera suggest that she is likely an Enneagram Type Two.



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What is Metera's personality type?

Debate the personality types of your favorite fictional characters and celebrities.

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