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Belial Personality Type

Belial is an ISFJ and Enneagram Type 3w2.



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"I'm a devil. What did you expect?"


Belial Character Analysis

Belial is a prominent antagonist in the popular anime and mobile game Granblue Fantasy. He is a powerful demon who serves as the primary antagonist in several storylines, including the "What Makes the Sky Blue" story events. Known for his cunning personality and formidable magical abilities, Belial is often portrayed as a scheming villain who seeks to manipulate and control others for his own purposes. Despite his villainous nature, Belial is a complex character with a fascinating backstory. According to the game's lore, he was once an angel who fell from grace and became a demon after succumbing to negative emotions and desires. This transformation left him bitter and resentful towards the world, and he began to devote himself to gaining power and asserting his dominance over others. Throughout the Granblue Fantasy anime and game, Belial's influence is felt in a variety of ways. He is frequently depicted as a shadowy figure lurking in the background of key story events, using his magic to manipulate the other characters to do his bidding. Despite his machinations, however, Belial is not invincible, and he often finds himself thwarted by the main protagonists of the series. Overall, Belial is a compelling and intriguing character who adds depth and complexity to the Granblue Fantasy universe. Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that he is one of the most significant and memorable figures in the franchise's history. Whether you are a fan of the anime, the game, or both, Belial is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

What 16 personality type is Belial?

Based on his behavior and actions, Belial from Granblue Fantasy can be speculated to have the INFJ personality type. As an INFJ, Belial might have a strong intuition about people, which he uses to manipulate them for his own gain. He can be charming, persuasive, and insightful, but also secretive and detached from his own emotions. Belial may appear selfless and empathetic towards others, but this behavior would be simply a manipulative act to control them to his advantage. INFJs often hold back their own thoughts and feelings because they prefer to remain hidden and unknown, which could be part of Belial's suave and mysterious persona. Belial's cunning and strategic approach to situations may also be indicative of the INFJ type. They are known for their ability to foresee different outcomes and plan their moves accordingly. Belial's desire for control and his ability to deceive others to achieve his desired results are traits that align with the INFJ personality. To conclude, Belial from Granblue Fantasy may be an INFJ personality type, exhibiting traits such as strong intuition for manipulating people, a suave yet aloof persona, a desire for control, and strategic planning. It is important to note that MBTI types are not definitive or absolute, but rather a tool to understand individual personalities.

Which Enneagram Type is Belial?

Belial from Granblue Fantasy can be analyzed to be an Enneagram Type 3, also known as the Achiever. This is evidenced by his constant need to be at the top and his willingness to do whatever it takes to maintain his position of power. Belial is focused on achieving success and admiration from others, and he uses his skills and charming personality to get what he wants. His envious nature also hints at his Enneagram type 3, as he envies the other archangels, namely Lucifer, and seeks to surpass them. Belial is also highly aware of his image and the way he presents himself to others, as well as his reputation, which are common attributes of an Enneagram type 3. In conclusion, Belial's personality displays characteristics of an Enneagram type 3, the Achiever. His drive for success and admiration, as well as his constant need for validation and envy, are all indicative of this type.



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What is Belial's personality type?

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