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Silabus Personality Type

Silabus is an INFJ and Enneagram Type 2w3.



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"I'll tear you apart and crush your bones to dust!"


Silabus Character Analysis

Silabus is a fictional character from the anime series .hack//Roots / .hack//G.U. He is a player in the popular online game, The World R:2, and one of the main protagonists in the series. Silabus is known for his supportive and friendly nature towards other players in the game. In the series, Silabus meets with a mysterious character named "Tri-Edge" who leaves him in a coma-like state. After recovering, he sets out on a journey to uncover the truth behind Tri-Edge and the mysterious powers at play in The World R:2. Along the way, he forms a close bond with his friend, Gaspard, and encounters many other players who help him unravel the mysteries of the game. Silabus is often seen as the more level-headed and analytical of the duo, relying on strategy and planning to defeat powerful enemies in the game. He is also known for his sense of empathy towards other players and his willingness to help them regardless of their in-game status or level. Silabus is a valuable asset to the group and proves to be an important ally throughout the series. Overall, Silabus is an important character in the .hack//Roots / .hack//G.U universe, providing both comedic relief and strategic expertise to the group. His kind nature and strong moral compass make him a beloved character by fans of the series, and his journey to uncover the mysteries behind The World R:2 is both exciting and thrilling to watch.

What 16 personality type is Silabus?

Based on Silabus' behavior and personality traits depicted in the series .hack//Roots / .hack//G.U, he could be classified as an ESFP personality type. ESFPs are social, energetic, and impulsive individuals who enjoy being the center of attention and crave excitement and new experiences. Silabus embodies these traits as he is often seen socializing with his fellow players, making new friends, and engaging in activities that provide him with pleasure and entertainment. Silabus' outgoing nature and his desire to be liked by others is also characteristic of ESFPs. He is someone who is very approachable and easy to get along with, often being the one to initiate conversations or make a joke to lighten the mood. In addition, Silabus is very empathetic and sensitive to the emotions of others, making him a good listener and a supportive friend. However, Silabus' impulsive behavior can also get him into trouble. He is quick to act on his emotions without considering the consequences, which can lead him to take unnecessary risks or make hasty decisions. He is also prone to becoming bored quickly and losing interest in things that do not hold his attention, which can make him appear flighty and inconsistent. In conclusion, Silabus can be classified as an ESFP personality type based on his outgoing nature, love for excitement, and empathetic nature. While these traits make him a likable and supportive friend, his impulsivity can also lead to negative consequences.

Which Enneagram Type is Silabus?

Silabus seems to be an Enneagram Type 2, also known as the Helper. He consistently puts the needs of others before his own and takes pleasure in serving and assisting those around him. Silabus is highly empathetic and is sensitive to the emotions and needs of others, which allows him to connect with them on a deep level. In addition, Silabus struggles with setting boundaries, as he tends to overextend himself to help others, which can lead to feelings of burnout and resentment. He also relies heavily on external validation and approval from others, which can make him vulnerable to feeling unappreciated or unworthy if his efforts go unrecognized. Overall, Silabus' Enneagram Type 2 personality manifests in his selfless nature, empathetic qualities, and tendency to prioritize the needs of others over his own. However, he should learn to establish healthy boundaries and work on his self-validation to avoid burnout and resentment.



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What is Silabus's personality type?

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