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Lauri Personality Type

Lauri is an ISTJ and Enneagram Type 6w5.



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"I am a machine gunner. I have nothing else but my machine gun."


Lauri Character Analysis

Lauri is a minor character in the 2019 film 1917, which is a gripping drama set during World War I. Directed by Sam Mendes, 1917 follows two young British soldiers, Lance Corporal Blake and Lance Corporal Schofield, as they are tasked with delivering a critical message that could save the lives of 1,600 men. Lauri is a soldier who briefly appears in the latter half of the film, offering our protagonists some crucial assistance on their perilous journey. Though Lauri's screen time is limited, his presence in the film is significant. He is portrayed as a compassionate and brave soldier who is willing to risk his own life to help his fellow comrades. Lauri's actions underscore the theme of camaraderie and teamwork that runs throughout the movie, highlighting the bonds that form between soldiers in the face of adversity. In a film that is filled with tension and suspense, Lauri serves as a symbol of hope and humanity. His willingness to aid Blake and Schofield demonstrates the selflessness and courage that define the soldiers in 1917, showing that even in the midst of the brutality of war, acts of kindness and solidarity can still shine through. Lauri's character adds depth to the film's narrative, reminding viewers of the individual sacrifices made by countless soldiers during World War I.

What 16 personality type is Lauri?

Lauri from 1917 could be classified as an ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging) personality type. This personality type is known for being reliable, practical, and responsible, all of which are traits that manifest in Lauri's character throughout the film. Lauri's introverted nature is evident in his quiet and composed demeanor, often observing his surroundings and processing information internally before taking action. His strong sense of duty and loyalty to his fellow soldiers highlights his sensing trait, as he remains focused on completing his mission and navigating the challenges of war with practicality and precision. Lauri's decision-making process is rooted in logic and analysis, as seen in his approach to problem-solving and strategy during intense and high-pressure situations. His adherence to structure and order also reflects his judging trait, as he follows rules and protocols with discipline and efficiency. In conclusion, Lauri's ISTJ personality type enhances his performance as a soldier in 1917, showcasing his ability to remain steadfast, strategic, and reliable in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Which Enneagram Type is Lauri?

Lauri from 1917 exhibits characteristics of an Enneagram 6w5. This wing type combines the loyalty and skepticism of a Type 6 with the intellectual depth and analytical skills of a Type 5. Lauri's cautious and observant nature aligns with Type 6 traits, as he is constantly assessing potential risks and seeking security in a dangerous war-torn environment. At the same time, his tendency to rely on his knowledge and logical reasoning reflects the influence of the Type 5 wing. This combination allows Lauri to adapt quickly to new situations, problem-solve effectively, and make informed decisions under pressure. He is resourceful, strategic, and always thinking multiple steps ahead to ensure his survival and accomplish his mission. In conclusion, Lauri's 6w5 Enneagram wing type manifests in his ability to balance loyalty with critical thinking, ultimately shaping his character as a resilient and intelligent individual in the face of adversity.

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What is Lauri's personality type?

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