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Alexandrite Personality Type

Alexandrite is an INTJ and Enneagram Type 8w7.



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Alexandrite Character Analysis

Alexandrite is a character from the anime Land of the Lustrous, also known as Houseki no Kuni. She is one of the main characters of the series, and plays an important role in the story. Alexandrite is a unique gemstone because she is a fusion of two other gems, which gives her both contradictory and complementary features. Alexandrite is a member of the Crystal Gems, who are sentient gems who defend their world from the Lunarians, a race of beings who seek to capture and use the gems for their own purposes. However, unlike the other gems who have clear roles and abilities, Alexandrite's fusion makes her uncertain of her identity and purpose. She struggles with her own identity and is often unsure of what she is capable of. Despite her uncertainties, Alexandrite is a capable fighter who can hold her own against the Lunarians. She possesses both the strength and speed of her component gems, which makes her a formidable opponent. However, she is also vulnerable to being separated because of her unique nature, which puts her at risk during battles. Overall, Alexandrite is a complex and fascinating character in Land of the Lustrous. She is a fusion of two gems, which gives her a unique set of abilities and struggles. Her uncertainties about her identity make her relatable, and her strength and vulnerability make her a compelling character to watch.

What 16 personality type is Alexandrite?

Based on Alexandrite's behavior and characteristics, they could potentially be an INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging) MBTI personality type. Firstly, Alexandrite is a very private and reserved individual, preferring to keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves. This trait suggests a preference for introversion. Additionally, they tend to be more abstract and theoretical in their thinking, which aligns with the intuitive personality type. Furthermore, Alexandrite is very in touch with their emotions and is sensitive to the emotional well-being of others. They are often seen providing comfort and support to their fellow gems, suggesting a strong feeling preference. Lastly, Alexandrite is a logical and structured thinker who values order and organization. They often take charge in situations and are determined to find solutions to problems through a structured approach. This trait suggests a judging personality type. In conclusion, Alexandrite's behavior and characteristics align with the INFJ MBTI personality type. While the MBTI is not definitive or absolute, it provides a framework for understanding different personalities and how they manifest in individuals.

Which Enneagram Type is Alexandrite?

Based on Alexandrite's personality, the Enneagram type that best fits him is Type Eight, also known as the Challenger. This is evident in the way Alexandrite asserts his dominance and power over others, as well as his tendency towards controlling situations and being independent. As a Protector and a fighter, Alexandrite is always ready to stand up for his beliefs and protect others. He is passionate about his convictions and is never afraid to assert his position, regardless of the consequences. This is a common trait among Type Eights, who are known for their assertiveness and self-confidence. Furthermore, Alexandrite has a fierce sense of independence, often preferring to work alone and not relying on others for support. He values his freedom and is not comfortable with others trying to limit him or his options. Type Eights are known for their independent streaks and their desire for autonomy and control. In conclusion, Alexandrite from Land of the Lustrous can be classified as an Enneagram Type Eight Challenger due to his assertive nature, independent streak, and his passion for protecting others.



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What is Alexandrite's personality type?

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