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Take Personality Type

Take is an INTJ and Enneagram Type 6w7.



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"I couldn't care less about justice or peace. All I want is revenge."


Take Character Analysis

Take is a character from the popular anime series "Dororo". He is portrayed as a quiet and reserved individual who is skilled in the art of swordsmanship. Take is a Ronin, a samurai without a master, who wanders the war-torn landscape of feudal Japan in search of work and purpose. Despite his aloof exterior, Take is a warrior of great courage and honor, and he is willing to risk his life to protect the weak and innocent. In "Dororo", Take is one of the many characters who join forces with the main protagonist, Hyakkimaru, in his quest to reclaim the parts of his body that were taken by demons when he was a baby. Take meets Hyakkimaru when they both get hire as bodyguards for a merchant caravan, and despite their different backgrounds and personalities, they quickly become steadfast allies. Take is impressed by Hyakkimaru's fighting abilities and his unwavering will to survive, and he devotes himself to helping him in any way he can. Throughout the series, Take plays a crucial role in many of the battles that Hyakkimaru and his companions face. He uses his sword to great effect, cutting down demons and bandits with precision and skill. Despite his prowess in combat, he is also a thoughtful and introspective character who is often seen meditating or reflecting on the nature of life and death. Take's quiet strength and wisdom make him a beloved and essential member of the "Dororo" cast, and his presence adds depth and complexity to the show's themes of survival, redemption, and the human spirit.

What 16 personality type is Take?

Take from Dororo could be an ISTJ personality type. He is structured, logical, and meticulous in his actions. Take values tradition and order, evident in his strict adherence to the samurai code and his desire to restore his family's name. He is also extremely loyal, illustrated by his commitment to protecting Dororo and sticking by his side even when it disadvantages him. Take's Si function (introverted sensing) is prominent in his decision-making, as he relies heavily on past experiences and established rules. He struggles with change and new ideas, which is evident in his initial resistance to Dororo's unconventional approach to problem-solving. However, once Take understands the logic behind these methods, he is able to adapt and incorporate them into his own strategy. Take's tertiary Fi function (introverted feeling) drives his sense of duty and honor as a samurai. He places great importance on his personal values and principles, and will prioritize them even if it conflicts with his practical goals. This is particularly evident in his interactions with Daigo, where Take refuses to compromise his sense of honor for the sake of a political alliance. In conclusion, Take's ISTJ personality type manifests in his structured, logical, and traditional approach to problem-solving, as well as his loyalty, sense of duty, and adherence to personal values.

Which Enneagram Type is Take?

Take from Dororo appears to be an Enneagram type Six. Sixes are characterized by their need for security and stability, often exhibiting anxiety and a desire to belong. This is seen in Take's loyalty to his village and his willingness to follow authority without question. Additionally, his fear of the unknown and his initial distrust of Dororo align with the Six's tendency to be cautious and skeptical. However, Take also displays traits of a healthy Six, such as his bravery and determination to protect his loved ones. He also shows a willingness to question authority when he realizes that it conflicts with his personal values. In conclusion, Take's Enneagram type appears to be Six, and his personality manifests as a mix of anxious loyalty and cautious bravery.



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What is Take's personality type?

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