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I think my significant one blocked me 😓 💔

I believe I was just blocked by her. Here is the full story: She seemed sympathetic and friendly towards me, so I fell in love with her with ease. I even posted a poem, which I idealised her a bit. In hindsight, she didn't like me worshipping her like this. I shared pictures for my profile to ask her which photo will be good for my profile picture, and she noticed I look unhappy! So she asked why am I look so. I shared my personal story with her, **at the same time relating myself with a literary character from a book I love.** She was not responding for slightly more than an hour. I found out she was not checking my message yet, so I said "you must be busy, I am going to bed, but I may wake up if you reply!" and added (please respond), with parentheses() to indicate I was merely being **playful** about the last chat, and also I am expressing my intimacy to her by saying I don't mind her interrupting me, even my sleep. I was shocked to find out I was removed from her friend list and sent her a message to ask if I did something wrong. The image is her response. What happened after the image? Well, I said I am genuinely thanking her for her advice and asked her if she was still angry at me. She said, "I am not angry at you dear, I never was." But she seemed really disappointed by me being 'unhappy and depressed boy' (this was written by me as her response, by the way). I replied 'I fear I might be too immature for you." As my final sentence, I foolishly added, "But I still think it was too harsh to removing me without a warning or two." And this time, I was blocked! (Edit: Her account is gone) Is it just me, or was I too obsessed with conversation with her? I require your advice and thoughts, since before this incident, we were doing OK, or at least I believed, and I still think dearly of her and she is the one for me, and intending to become more emotionally independent after hearing her out. I just want her love back. 😔 If she is reading this, I want to let her know I will stick to her advice for our emotional health, and I still love her most dearly. I was being excessively emotional due to me conversing with her late at night, and it's 3:50 A.M. now 🫠 ⚠️ Keep this in mind, I may react negatively if you criticise her harshly. (edited)

I think my significant one blocked me 😓 💔




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