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Random writing (work of fiction)

I never thought of myself as the main character, even in my own story. I didn't want that responsibility. I didn't want hurt or kill someone either but here we are. I'm sure most other main characters have felt the same. Though they recognize they are part of a story. I know I am because of all the events that unfolded around me. I was part of the cause for them though I never knew that the actions I took on that fateful day would lead me here. I don't think anyone would have thought that either. No one knew me. Well my family did and some friends I had made in the village but I wasn't expected to do anything grand. Nothing as grand as this. Now dear reader I haven't mentioned what I'm doing and what fate has lead me too. Why you might ask? Because I need to get off my chest of what brought me here, I need you to understand what events have happened. In all honesty I'm not sure if i'll even survive the next few hours. It could end horribly for me and my crew. Oh yes there is more then just me here. Because of that and the events, I will be written about, and if thats the case I need historians to know my perspective. My flawed understanding of the events. Its nowhere going to be a perfect account of them either. My brain and memories are fallible. So these account will be the best I can do. My family as I know them now will also be adding their own writings to the accounts that will be told. Each with there own untruths. Untruths that they believe to be true. Mine included. I will try to start from a little bit before the beginning of all of what has happened. For I am the main character of this story, this telling of a fantastical journey that I have taken that most only dream of. I'm wouldn't wish this journey on anyone, though I don't think I would choose other wise. This being my fate.




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