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Godzilla Minus One is my movie of the year 2023

Godzilla Minus One officially released in cinemas in Japan first and then domestically on December 1st and will also release internationally later at some other date. Out of all of my top contenders of the year that includes movies such as Oppenheimer, the animated Super Mario Bros Movie, Spider-Man across the spider verse and Guardians of The Galaxy 3, none of them come even remotely close to Godzilla Minus One (There is also the boy and the heroin that comes out on Friday but its unlikely it will be THAT good compared to Godzilla Minus One) This movie is essentially the perfect modern remake of the original 1954 Godzilla movie, capturing the same dark tones as the original did. The movie isn't just about Godzilla, it explores how Japan's mentality was at the time just after world war II, how the citizens had to deal with post war trauma, kamikaze pilots in the arguments of the values of life, explores about the whole dying for your country about that whole Japanese honor stuff, with no woke nonsense and genuine family values, it's just way way more than a simple monster movie. I have never cared about any of the human characters in any of the Godzilla movies, Even the better ones like Shin Godzilla or Destroy all monsters..... I really could care less about the humans... But this movie actually made me care about every single person that was on screen, it's a very human story that had me absolutely engaged in every single piece of dialogue from every character in that movie, And I didn't really want any of them to die whenever Godzilla actually showed up because Godzilla in this movie feels like an actual scary threat. I find most impressive is with the budget only being 15 million dollars, how in the hell did they manage to make the movie 15 million dollars with some of the scenes in the movie looking REALLY good is beyond me... It makes Hollywood look like an embarrassment with these over bloated budgets the end up losing their money because their movies end up being s*** anyways. Don't wait to watch this movie, it's only available in theaters for a limited time (might be extended for its popularity) so do see it when you have the chance.

Godzilla Minus One is my movie of the year 2023




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