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Fendi Gliozzi

Fendi Gliozzi




Christmas Gifts

So I have practically already done Santa's duties for Christmas this year with regards to gifts.. however I have one last task that I need to complete and this is a special task for me as it's regarding my new born niece from my long lost sister who was given away at birth and grew up with a foster family who I only met 2 years ago, my niece is like 1 and a half years old. I have always been a huge fan of the Argos advert mascots " Connie and Trevor " I plan to buy Trevor for myself to use as an ornament to help decorate my own accommodation when I get it to make the place look more cheerful. However I have been wanting to buy the Connie doll for my niece this Christmas, I know she is still too young for it now, but I know she will love it when she is older and would probably also fall in love with the advert itself if it's still showing on Tv by then. Throughout the whole time since I have been wanting to buy it for her it's not been in stock in Argos at all and it's still not back in stock, the same issue has been with Trevor too. I was wondering if anyone knows if Argos plan to restock Connie and Trevor back in stock at all? Or have they been discontinued? Only I wish to buy Connie for my niece and I am unsure how to get my hands on one for her, as for my first time being an Uncle I wish to make this Christmas special for her 🥺🥰❤️. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on of knowledge if there is any other retailers where I can buy Connie from for my niece? Any suggestions anyone can recommend to me would really extremely greatly be appreciated if possible. Sincere Thanks to all in advance ❤️.




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