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16 MBTI Personality x 12 Brand Archetypes

As a marketing student, I've been fascinated by the idea of categorizing MBTI personality types into the brand archetypes commonly used in marketing. It's an intriguing lens through which to explore consumer behavior and brand affinity. Each brand archetype, like "The Innocent" or "The Hero," embodies specific values and vibes that resonate uniquely with different personality types. Here are the playful links between personality traits and some favorite brands! 1. The Innocent: Represents happiness, goodness, optimism, and simplicity. Emphasizes safety and authenticity. MBTI Personality Types: ISFP (Adventurer) and ISFJ (Defender): Gentle, artistic, and community-oriented individuals who value positivity and authenticity. Brand Examples: Coca-Cola, Dove, Disney 2. The Everyman: Seeks connections and belonging, represents down-to-earth values and reliability. MBTI Personality Types: ISFJ (Defender) and ESFJ (Consul): Compassionate, reliable, and supportive individuals who prioritize community and belonging. Brand Examples: IKEA, Levi's, Toyota 3. The Hero: Represents courage, inspiration, and a desire to make a positive impact. MBTI Personality Types: ESTJ (Executive) and ENTJ (Commander): Decisive, responsible, and goal-driven leaders who embody courage and determination. Brand Examples: Nike, BMW, Red Bull 4. The Outlaw (Rebel): Questions authority, breaks rules, and values individuality and rebellion. MBTI Personality Types: ENTP (Debater) and ISTP (Virtuoso): Innovative thinkers who challenge norms and seek creative solutions. Brand Examples: Harley-Davidson, Apple (in its early days), Urban Outfitters 5. The Explorer: Seeks adventure, embraces risk, and values discovery and excitement. MBTI Personality Types: ISTP (Virtuoso) and ESTP (Entrepreneur): Adventurous, thrill-seeking individuals who enjoy exploring new experiences. Brand Examples: Jeep, The North Face, REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) 6. The Creator: Imaginative, inventive, and focused on creating enduring value and innovation. MBTI Personality Types: INTP (Logician) and INFJ (Advocate): Curious, imaginative individuals who excel at generating novel ideas. Brand Examples: LEGO, Adobe, Etsy 7. The Ruler: Description of Brand: Represents control, authority, and responsibility. MBTI Personality Types: ENTJ (Commander) and INTJ (Architect): Strategic, organized leaders who maintain control and efficiency. Brand Examples:Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, IBM 8. The Magician: Wishes to create something special and magical, inspiring dreams and transformation. MBTI Personality Types: INFJ (Advocate) and INFP (Mediator): Visionary, empathetic individuals who aspire to bring positive change. Brand Examples: Disney, Apple (current), Tesla 9. The Lover: Creates intimate moments, inspires love, passion, and commitment. MBTI Personality Types: ENFP (Campaigner) and ESFP (Entertainer): Enthusiastic, empathetic individuals who value deep connections and emotions. Brand Examples: Victoria's Secret, Godiva, Tiffany & Co. 10. The Caregiver: Protects and cares for others, compassionate, nurturing, and generous. MBTI Personality Types: ESFJ (Consul), ENFJ (Protagonist), and ISFJ (Defender): Warm, supportive individuals who prioritize well-being and community. Brand Examples: Johnson & Johnson, Campbell's Soup, UNICEF 11. The Jester: Brings joy through humor, fun, and irreverence. MBTI Personality Types: ESFP (Entertainer) and ENFP (Campaigner): Lively, spontaneous individuals who love to entertain and uplift others. Brand Examples: M&M's, Old Spice, Doritos 12. The Sage: Offers wisdom, insight, and thoughtful guidance. MBTI Personality Types: INTJ (Architect) and INFJ (Advocate): Analytical, insightful thinkers committed to knowledge and understanding. Brand Examples: Google, TED Talks, National Geographic In summary, what do you think about the connections between MBTI personality types and brand archetypes? Have you ever noticed any brands that seem to align perfectly with aspects of your personality? It's intriguing to consider how our unique traits shape the brands we resonate with. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic and discuss which brands you feel reflect a part of who you are! Reference OVO. (n.d.). Brand Archetypes Archives. OVO. (edited)




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