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ESTJ Video Game Characters


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ESTJs in Video Games

# ESTJ Video Games Characters: 114

Welcome to the ESTJ Video Game Characters section of our personality type database product! ESTJ stands for Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging, and is one of the 16 personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). People with this personality type are often described as practical, logical, efficient, and organized. In the world of video games, characters with this personality type are often portrayed as strong leaders, skilled strategists, and successful entrepreneurs. ESTJs are known for their ability to take charge and get things done. They are confident decision-makers who rely on logic and reason to solve problems, and they have a natural talent for organization and planning. In video games, this personality type can be found in characters such as Master Chief from the Halo series, who is a skilled and fearless leader, or Captain Price from the Call of Duty series, who is a tough and determined soldier. These characters often have a strong sense of duty and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. One of the strengths of ESTJ characters in video games is their ability to excel in high-pressure situations. They are often portrayed as calm and collected under fire, able to make split-second decisions and take charge in chaotic environments. This makes them ideal for roles such as military commanders, police officers, or CEOs of large corporations. Whether they are leading a team into battle or managing a company's finances, ESTJ characters are reliable and effective leaders who get results. In this section of our database, you will find a variety of ESTJ video game characters, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and personality quirks.

ESTJ Video Game Characters

Total ESTJ Video Game Characters: 114

ESTJ are the 10th most popular 16 personality type in Video Games Characters, comprising 6% of all Video Games Characters.

179 | 9%

165 | 8%

122 | 6%

122 | 6%

122 | 6%

120 | 6%

119 | 6%

118 | 6%

117 | 6%

114 | 6%

113 | 6%

110 | 6%

110 | 6%

107 | 5%

106 | 5%

103 | 5%






Last Updated: June 22, 2024

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