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7w8 Influencers


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7w8s in Influencers

# 7w8 Influencers: 33

Welcome to the Enneagram Type 7w8 Influencers section of our database product. Type 7w8 is a subtype of Enneagram Type 7, also known as the Enthusiast. Individuals of this type are typically energetic, adventurous, and spontaneous, and they often seek out new experiences and opportunities. However, the addition of the 8 wing brings a sense of strength, assertiveness, and a desire for control to this personality type. People with a 7w8 personality type are often charismatic and enjoy being in the spotlight. They can be highly motivated to achieve their goals and may have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Their combination of enthusiasm and assertiveness can make them great leaders, as they are able to inspire and rally others to their cause. However, they can also be prone to impatience and may become frustrated when things do not go according to plan. In this section, we will explore the Enneagram Type 7w8 personality type by examining the personalities of various well-known celebrities and fictional characters. We will explore their strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, and see how their 7w8 personality type may have influenced their careers and personal lives. Whether you are seeking to better understand yourself or others, this section will provide valuable insights into the traits and characteristics of the 7w8 personality type.

7w8 Influencers

Total 7w8 Influencers: 33

7w8s are the 7th most popular Enneagram personality type in Influencers, comprising 6% of all Influencers.

83 | 14%

78 | 13%

61 | 10%

42 | 7%

35 | 6%

35 | 6%

33 | 6%

32 | 5%

30 | 5%

28 | 5%

27 | 5%

26 | 4%

25 | 4%

20 | 3%

18 | 3%

17 | 3%

4 | 1%

1 | 0%






Last Updated: March 2, 2024

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Debate the personality types of your favorite fictional characters and celebrities.

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