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8w9 Literature Characters


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8w9s in Literature

# 8w9 Literature Characters: 186

Welcome to the Enneagram Type 8w9 Literary Characters section of our personality database, where we explore the fictional characters that exhibit traits of the Eight with a Nine wing personality type. Eights with a Nine wing, also known as the "Bear," are assertive and protective, but also maintain a desire for harmony and peace. Their main motivation is to be in control and to defend those who are weaker, but they also have a need for autonomy and independence. These characters often make for compelling and complex protagonists, with a fierce sense of justice and a deep loyalty to their friends and allies. The combination of the Eight's power and aggression with the Nine's desire for peace can make for some interesting and complex characters. While Eights are often seen as confrontational and forceful, the influence of the Nine wing can temper that aggression and lead to a more diplomatic approach. This can be seen in characters such as Tony Soprano from The Sopranos, who balances his ruthless leadership of a criminal organization with a desire for a peaceful family life. Other examples of this personality type in literature include Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind and John McClane from the Die Hard franchise. While characters with this personality type can be seen as intimidating and aggressive, their innate sense of justice and loyalty can also make them extremely compelling and relatable. They often exhibit a strong moral code and are willing to take bold risks in order to protect those they care about. We hope this database section provides insights and inspiration for those interested in exploring the complexities of the Enneagram Type 8w9 personality type through fictional characters.

8w9 Literature Characters

Total 8w9 Literature Characters: 186

8w9s are the 2nd most popular Enneagram personality type in Literature Characters, comprising 13% of all Literature Characters.

193 | 14%

186 | 13%

124 | 9%

113 | 8%

92 | 7%

81 | 6%

79 | 6%

73 | 5%

69 | 5%

62 | 4%

58 | 4%

57 | 4%

38 | 3%

37 | 3%

34 | 2%

33 | 2%

32 | 2%

22 | 2%






Last Updated: June 22, 2024

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