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Enneagram Type 2 Literature Characters


The complete list of Enneagram Type 2 literature characters.

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Type 2s in Literature

# Enneagram Type 2 Literature Characters: 160

Welcome to the Enneagram Type 2 Literary Characters section of our personality database. Enneagram Type 2, also known as "The Helper," is one of the nine personality types identified by the Enneagram system. Type 2 individuals are known for their empathetic nature and their desire to help others. They are often portrayed as warm and generous characters who put the needs of others before their own. In this section, you will find a variety of literary characters who share the Enneagram Type 2 personality type. From classic characters like Samwise Gamgee in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings to modern-day heroes like Mary Poppins in the children's book series by P.L. Travers, these characters all embody the ideals of the Helper. They are driven by a desire to be of service to others and to make a positive impact on the world around them. Along with exploring these characters' Enneagram types, we also examine their personalities through the lens of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Zodiac personality systems. By examining these different personality systems in conjunction with the Enneagram, we aim to provide a more nuanced and holistic view of these characters' personalities, motivations, and behaviors. Whether you're an Enneagram Type 2 yourself or simply interested in learning more about this fascinating personality type, this section is sure to offer valuable insights and inspiration.

Type 2 Literature Characters

Total Type 2 Literature Characters: 160

Type 2s are the 4th most popular Enneagram personality type in Literature, comprising 12% of all Literature Characters.

193 | 14%

186 | 13%

124 | 9%

113 | 8%

92 | 7%

81 | 6%

79 | 6%

73 | 5%

69 | 5%

62 | 4%

58 | 4%

57 | 4%

38 | 3%

37 | 3%

34 | 2%

33 | 2%

32 | 2%

22 | 2%






Last Updated: June 22, 2024

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