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1w2 Video Game Characters


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1w2s in Video Games

# 1w2 Video Games Characters: 106

Welcome to the Enneagram Type 1w2 Video Game Characters section of our personality database! Enneagram Type 1w2 is a combination of traits from Enneagram Type 1 and Type 2. These individuals are known for their strong sense of responsibility and their desire to make the world a better place, while also being supportive and caring towards others. They are often seen as responsible and compassionate leaders, who strive to create positive change in the world. In the world of video games, there are many characters who exhibit the traits of Enneagram Type 1w2. These characters often take on leadership roles and work to make the world a better place. They are highly principled and have a strong sense of right and wrong, which often drives their actions. At the same time, they are caring and supportive of others, and work to build relationships with those around them. Whether you are an Enneagram Type 1w2 yourself or simply interested in learning more about this personality type, our database offers a wealth of information about the Type 1w2 video game characters you love. From classic characters like Mario from the Super Mario series to newer additions like Ellie from The Last of Us series, our database is a comprehensive guide to the world of Enneagram Type 1w2 video game characters. So grab your controller, prepare to be principled, and get ready to explore the exciting world of Type 1w2 video game characters!

1w2 Video Game Characters

Total 1w2 Video Game Characters: 106

1w2s are the 5th most popular Enneagram personality type in Video Games Characters, comprising 5% of all Video Games Characters.

332 | 17%

306 | 16%

115 | 6%

112 | 6%

106 | 5%

105 | 5%

97 | 5%

97 | 5%

92 | 5%

91 | 5%

87 | 4%

82 | 4%

68 | 3%

67 | 3%

54 | 3%

49 | 3%

42 | 2%

41 | 2%





Last Updated: May 23, 2024

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