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1 souls






I was wrong about you 😞💔

I fell in love with you without thinking that you would leave me, even feeling that ours could not work, when one is in love does not measure the consequence of what could happen, I never imagined that love would end in you, when my love for you is reborn every day. It hurts me to admit that I was wrong with you, it hurts me not having listened to what he told me that you didn't deserve me, that you weren't for me, the truth is I didn't want to see him. I lost you and now there is something inside of me that tells me "I told you so" , but my heart does not understand it, my heart still loves you, my heart had no reason to love someone else other than you, now it is difficult for me to make him understand that you are no longer, how do I make the decision to let you go when Have you already left? I never had more reasons to be without you, I know that without you I will be better Although now it does not seem to be like that, I had heard that everything that begins ends, I did not believe that in love it also happened like this, I was willing to give my life for you, because you did not see it, because You couldn't realize what I felt for you, because you didn't stop me in time, you must have told me that you didn't feel anything for me that your feelings were for someone else, but I don't blame you, it's my fault, now I can see that I've always been the one who insisted that It was you, the one who kept betting my life for you.💔



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